Affordable Car Insurance In Luton

Best Ways To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Luton

So many things can make your insurance price go up and it’s understandable that you would want to keep those premiums down.

Did you start driving recently? Are there convictions on your record?

Do not despair, we bring glad tidings. Irrespective of your circumstance, there are simple steps you can take to get affordable car insurance in Luton. 

The minimum car insurance-third party is the most affordable car insurance in Luton but it’s usually not the best option because it provides the lowest coverage while comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, provides the most extensive level of cover but costs more than the latter.

But the aim is to get the most with less. We’ve got the help and advice you need in getting an adequate insurance cover at the most affordable price in Luton.

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Ways To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Luton

  1. Have A Rethink On Auto-Renewal

Many drivers are unaware that auto-renewal is actually more expensive than shopping around for quotes. There is usually an increase of about 40 Euros in the auto-renewal cost however, you can avoid it by registering the date of your renewal in your diary, and then informing your insurers a few weeks ahead that you would not be renewing your policy with them while you search for quotes. 

  1. Use A Good Comparison Site

Comparison sites have proven to be a very helpful tool for individuals looking for affordable car insurance in Luton. Each site has a unique panel of insurers which makes it easy for you to compare policy costs and benefits in one instant also they create discounts and offers that cannot be found anywhere else.

Their system of operation is smooth, fast, and gives direct access to quotes from multiple insurers, however, it’s best you deal with reputable insurers when looking for a policy. 

If you come across one you are not so conversant with, check to see if they follow the guidelines of the ABI, Association of British Insurers. Making use of a good comparison site would save you chunks of cash on premiums.

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  1. Choose The Right Car

The value, performance, and desirability of your vehicle affect your premium cost on car insurance. Who wouldn’t want to ride a nice, classy-looking vehicle? I believe it’s on the wishlist but if you are looking for affordable car insurance in Luton you may have to push it down. 

Vehicles with more powerful engines and expensive parts usually cost more to insure. You should find exactly how much it would cost you to insure the car of your choice before purchasing it; it’s a wise step to take to ensure your premium is within your budget.

  1.  Be Honest To Your Insurer

Being honest with your insurer is very vital. Some people say that there are two people you should never lie to; your doctor and your lawyer. Let’s make that three; your insurer. Providing false information to your insurer is a very risky thing to do. 

There is a high possibility that your insurance claim would be denied, your policy canceled, or in serious cases, you would be made to pay hefty fines for fraud if you are caught. And trust me, this is no way of getting or even keeping your affordable car insurance in Luton. 

  1. Take An Advanced Driving Qualification

To get behind the wheels, you need to pass a driving test but it’s that’s the most basic level of qualification. Having an advanced driving qualification like  Pass Plus or IAM RoadSmart can qualify you for discounts; which means lower premium costs. 

Advance driving courses help to add certain skills that you may have not received during your ordinary driving lessons like driving during rush hour, nighttime driving, all-weather driving, and motorway driving. The main aim is to improve your overall driving skills and insurers consider you for discounts if you are a skilled driver.

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  1. Park Your Vehicle In A Secure Area

Making sure your vehicle is out of harm’s way is also a bonus and can qualify you for a discount. How do you keep your vehicle when it’s not in use? If the chances of your car getting stolen, bumped, or vandalized is less, your insurers will charge you less. 

A secure car park, a gated driveway, or at best, a garage is a perfect place to store your vehicle when you are not making use of it. Although it may not always be feasible, just do your best to keep your vehicle off the street.

  1. Keep A Clean Record

It’s typical that your premium cost rises when you have convictions on your driving record. From minor violations like a speeding ticket to major ones like driving without insurance or driving under influence, having convictions would impact the amount you pay on premiums, and it’s usually in a not-so-good manner.

Also, there is a belief among car insurers that motorists with convictions on their record are more likely to be involved in accidents. Do your best to keep your record free of convictions to keep your insurance costs low.

  1. Describe Your Profession Accurately

Your job also affects your premium price; it’s usually based on perceived risk. Take for instance the catering industry, if so many chefs were involved in an accident in the year 2020, expect that there would be an increase in the cost of car insurance for chefs in 2021 to reflect this trend.

Needless to say, you have to be honest but you use some other variations that best describe your job title to see if it affects your policy costs. Rather than ‘chef’ why not try out kitchen staff; it can help you to get the cheapest possible price.

  1. Be A Safe Driver

Driving safely and sensibly is the best policy and can guarantee you getting affordable car insurance in Luton. All auto insurers offer discounts to good drivers to reward their good driving habits. 

Do you trust yourself? Are you a good and competent driver? Installing a telematics device(black box) to monitor can be your saving grace if you are looking for lower premium costs. 

The black box gives feedback about your driving habits (when, how, and where you drive) to your insurer. Your premiums would significantly drop if you are engaging in good driving practices.

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  1.  Reduce Your Annual Mileage

Your policy price will reduce if you are able to cut down on the number of miles you cover annually. It is assumed that with more miles you cover, the probability of you being in an accident increases. 

Cutting down the miles you cover is a smart way to lower your car insurance premium. Sometimes you could take public transport to work even if it’s less comfortable, you could also catch a train for longer journeys to reduce your mileage.


Do you see it’s not so difficult? We can assure you that getting affordable car insurance in Luton is possible if you play your cards right by following the steps above. Luton is a captivating city with so many historic and cultural landmarks and what other way is there to get the view if not through driving? Driving which in itself requires car insurance. 

To wrap it up, the ultimate way to get affordable car insurance is to drive safely. Hope this content has been helpful? Do well to share this post and comment.

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