Affordable Car Insurance In Lancashire

Best Ways To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Lancashire

Even though car insurance is a legal requirement for drivers in Lancashire, nobody really likes buying it. But to be on the safe side, you just have to get one.

There are tried and tested ways that you can get affordable car insurance in Lancashire without breaking the bank.

Third party insurance is commonly the most affordable car insurance in Lancashire but may not always be the best option as it provides the least level of protection. On the contrary, comprehensive insurance costs more but provides the most cover; it’s considered good value for money.

However, what we need right now is getting the most value with less right? Below we will explore some of the best tips that will you get the best cover for the lowest possible price.

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Ways To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Lancashire

  1. Try To Always Be Honest

This is both a plea and a warning; no matter how tempted you might be not to be completely honest to lower your premium cost, do not yield. 

Your policy is very likely to be invalidated if your insurer finds out that you did not provide accurate information and in most cases, this could result in heavy criminal charges. And we don’t want that now, do we?

  1. Make Use Of A Good Comparison Site

Oftentimes, many people think that you get cheaper rates by going directly to auto insurers but in fact, making use of a good comparison site can save you a lot of money on premiums.

Every comparison site usually has a unique panel of insurers which means you can compare policy costs and benefits in an instant also. They often create offers and discounts that cannot be found anywhere else.

Insurance policies are not usually the same; there are slight differences in the level of cover and benefit they offer and so using a comparison site that has a wide range of insurers would help you compare quotes easily and quickly. 

And here’s a tip; only deal with insures that are reputable but if you come across a company that’s not so popular, check to ensure that they follow the guidelines of the Association of British Insurers (ABI). is a good comparison site you can use.

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  1. Choose The Right Car

Choosing the right car is a part of getting the most affordable car insurance in Lancashire. Although fast and flashy cars are pleasing to have if you are interested in keeping your premiums low, then you’d have to go for vehicles that are not so fast and flashy.

Amongst the many factors that car insurers use to determine the cost of your premium, the value, performance, and desirability of your car stand out and make a huge impact on your insurance cost.

  1. Take An Advanced Driving Course

Passing a driving test is the most basic level of qualification you really need to get behind the wheel however if you want to prove to your car insurer that you are a safe driver, you should consider getting an advanced driving qualification.

Pass Plus

Pass plus is probably the most popular advanced driving course.  It’s a 6-hour course, run by driving instructors. Although it costs about 180 Euros to complete, which is a rather high price you’d notice reductions on your insurance after you’ve got the qualification. The purpose of the course is to add some extra skills that you may have not gotten in your ordinary lessons. These skills include:

  1. Motorway driving
  2. Driving during rush hour
  3. All-weather driving
  4. Night time driving

IAM RoadSmart

Lasting for about 3-6 months, the IAM, Institute of Advanced Motorists is also an advanced driving course that many auto insurers offer motorists a discount for passing. The course is handled by an Institute of Motor professional and the main focus is to develop your overall driving skills.

The qualification usually ends with a test; make sure you go prepared and you will stand a chance to save a lot of money as car insurance providers will consider you for discounts if you are a skilled driver.

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5. Park In A Secure Area

Your insurers will consider you if they know that your car is out of danger, especially when it’s not driven. A garage is perfect but as an alternative, you can park it in a secure car park or gated driveway. 

Certainly, it may not always be possible but doing your best to park off the street is a bonus to you as it’s less likely to get stolen, bumped, or vandalized. 

6. Avoid Convictions On Your Record

If you’ve had driving convictions, you should expect your insurance costs to rise, no matter the offense. Car insurers believe that drivers with convictions in the past are most likely to be involved in accidents again.

Insurers work with perceived risk and not specific circumstances and so maintaining a record, free of convictions is an ideal way to keep your insurance costs down.

7. Accurately Describe Your Occupation

Are you aware that your profession also affects the amount you pay on insurance? It does. For instance, if a large number of chefs were involved in accidents this year, in the coming year, premium costs for chefs are likely to increase to reflect this trend. 

Of course, you have to be honest, but you can try some other variations that fit into the job description to see if your policy costs are affected. Instead of using ‘chef’, you can use kitchen staff. Make sure to describe your role accurately to get the lowest possible price.

8. Drive Responsibly

So much has been said about potential risk, however, driving safely and responsibly can assure you of getting affordable car insurance in Lancashire. You can make use of a black box to monitor your driving. It’s a telematics device that gives your insurers feedback about your driving behavior; from when you drive to how you accelerate and brake.

You may not like the idea of someone monitoring your driving, but if you are a safe driver, you would find your premium dropping significantly.

9. Lower Your Annual Mileage

You will be able to reduce your insurance price by reducing the number of miles you cover annually. Insurers are of an assumption that the probability of being involved in accidents increases, with an increase in the number of miles you cover and hence, charge more.

You could jump on a bus to go shopping, you could share a lift to and from work, or even catch a train for longer journeys to trim down the number of miles you cover with your car.

10. Don’t Use Your Car For Professional Purposes

Using your car for business will require you to travel from one business location to another, and attend meetings or courses. Put together, it raises your premium costs significantly. 

Instead of using your car for business, consider taking public transport. Although it’s less convenient. But you’d be savings chunks of cash on your insurance. 


On average, car insurance in Lancashire is costly compared to many other parts of England, however, following the measures we’ve provided can help you get the most affordable car insurance in Lancashire. And remember, driving sensibly is the best policy to keep your premium costs down.

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