Affordable Car Insurance In Dundee 

Best Ways To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Dundee

In the City of Discovery, as Dundee is also called, it’s necessary for all drivers to have car insurance.

With that being said, getting affordable car insurance in Dundee that provides you with your desired cover is simply precious. 

While the minimum legal requirement – third-party insurance, is the cheapest policy that provides the least coverage, you can still find other affordable car insurance in Dundee that provide a wider cover. And do not fret, it’s not a tough process.

We have researched and found ways that will help you save more on premiums while enjoying the most out of your desired policy. 

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Ways To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Dundee

Many events or factors can contribute to the increase in premium cost but keeping low within budget is important. The points below will guide you in getting affordable car insurance in Dundee.

  1. Choose Your Car Wisely

The type, make and cost of your vehicle contributes to the amount you pay for car insurance. Some other variables include the cost of repairs, the likelihood of theft, engine size, and the overall safety record of your vehicle. 

More expensive vehicles are more expensive to insure. When selecting a vehicle, do well to take these factors into cognizance.

  1. Avoid Auto-Renewal

Drivers who let their car insurance policies be automatically renewed pay 49 Euros more annually than those who switch, according to research.

You can call your providers and tell them to turn off your auto-renewal( that is if you have insurance before). But you have to do it weeks before your renewal date. 

  1. Shop Around 

After you have turned off your auto-renewal, you can now begin shopping and comparing quotes. There are numerous comparison websites online where you can find quotes from different providers in one swoop. This way you would be able to find affordable car insurance in Dundee that best suits your circumstance.

  1. Increase Your Excess

A high voluntary excess on your policy can reduce the cost of your premium, however, it also makes claiming expensive. Before settling for an excess, find out how much different excesses will affect your premium rates and consider if the reduction outweighs the risk of a higher bill if you need to claim.

  1. Cut Down The Extras

Have you considered…do you really need those extras? Are they necessary? Most insurance providers offer a series of optional add-ons to their standard deals, incurring additional costs and some of which(extras) may be unnecessary. 

You can cut down those you do not need and you’d be saving more on premiums.

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  1. Pay Yearly

If you can afford it, pay yearly. Although paying monthly spreads out the cost of your insurance, it’ll cost you more over the course of the year as insurance companies charge interest on the balance. You can make good savings if you pay annually.

  1. Enhance Your Security

Taking safety and security measures like parking your vehicle in a garage and installing an alarm system lowers your premium cost significantly. This measure has proved itself time and time again as an ideal way in lowering premium costs. 

  1. Keep A Clean Driving History

Having a clean driving history is one of the main conditions for low insurance rates. If you’re driving history is not that great, you are likely to pay high premiums for car insurance. If you have a clean record, keep up and if you don’t you can ask your insurer for discounts to lower your premiums. 

  1. Look For Discounts

Are you a safe driver? Do you have a clean history? Insurance companies offer discounts to customers that qualify. While shopping for quotes is good, discounts can further lower your car insurance premium. 

You can call or visit your insurance company to find out the discounts they offer and which you qualify for. You can also do this before committing to any provider. 

  1. Let Your Job Work For You

What do you do? Some workers in Dundee qualify for car insurance discounts eg teachers and education professionals, NHS workers, members of the military, etc. find out from your trade association to know if you also qualify.

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  1. Do Not Modify Your Car

Adding modifications like engine upgrades, engine remaps, etc increases your premium price. This is largely due to the high cost of repair and replacement of modified parts.

  1. Add A Safe Driver To Your Policy

This works too. Adding a safe and experienced driver(older driver) can affect your premium price. Most providers offer discounts to drivers who add a safe and more experienced driver to their policy. 

  1. Consider Using A Black Box

A black box may be the answer to your prayers if you are a young driver. The black box is a device installed to monitor the quality of your driving. It’s a good policy for cutting costs.

  1. Cut down your mileage

Under the same circumstances, someone who drives 7500 miles annually will pay less than someone traveling 10000 miles. The chances of you being involved in an accident rise with the number of times you’re on the road driving. You can reduce your mileage to save you extra cash on premiums.

  1. Be Honest

In the field of car insurance, honesty is always the best policy. Fraudulent claims and providing untrue information are a big issue in the insurance agency. And it can affect your premiums in a not-so-good way and even when you want to purchase insurance from another provider. Sincerity works the magic in this game

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Factors That Affect Car Insurance In Dundee

Many factors contribute to the amount you pay as premiums. Some of them include:

  1. Age
  2. Location
  3. Vehicle Type
  4. Driving History
  5. Occupation
  6. Safety

Types Of Car Insurance In Dundee

You can find three levels of Cover in Dundee. They are

  1. Third party
  2. Third party fire and theft
  3. Comprehensive Insurance

Third-Party – this car insurance is the legal minimum level required for drivers to have. When you are at fault in an accident, it pays for damages and injuries sustained by the other parties. This also includes your passengers. It, however, does not pay out for the damages to your vehicle or injuries you sustain.

Third Party Fire and Theft – This includes third-party insurance and also protects you in the event of theft, vandalism, or damage caused to your vehicle by fire.

Comprehensive Insurance – It is the most expensive level of car insurance and it provides the same protection as the third-party fire and theft and also covers damages to your car and pays for your medical expenses when you sustain injuries in an accident.

It also includes some add-ons like a courtesy car while your vehicle undergoes repair, legal protection, windscreen cover, breakdown cover, key cover, personal belongings cover etc.  


Dundee has a large population and this translates to the number of vehicles and commuters on the road. Having car insurance in Dundee is not only important but demanded by law. 

You can find affordable car insurance in Dundee that provides good cover if you follow the steps listed above. In summary, keeping your claims history and tickets to a minimum while driving safely will help you cut costs on insurance.

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