Affordable Car Insurance In Bournemouth

Best Ways To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Bournemouth

The security that comes with having car insurance is second to none! And in some areas, it is made mandatory to have one.

Bournemouth is one such place. Although it’s important, getting affordable car insurance in Bournemouth would help you save hundreds of euros on premiums.

Having a policy that covers you and your vehicle by securing you from great losses in events of accidents brings a feeling of peace especially when it comes at an affordable price.

There are many auto insurance providers in Bournemouth and getting the best policy that will fit your needs and budget may appear to be a little tricky however, there are steps to follow to make your search a fruitful one. 

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Ways to Get Affordable Car Insurance In Bournemouth

As they say, “a penny saved is a penny earned” and everyone needs some extra cash. We have provided some expert tips to help you get affordable car insurance in Bournemouth. They include:

1. Use The Right Job Title

Job titles can affect costs. For instance, individuals that fill their application forms with the job description, “chef” pay about 98 Euros more than those with the description “kitchen staff”. This also applies to music teachers and teachers, office managers, and office administrators.

You must use the right job title when filling out your form to save you from unnecessary expenses. However, take precautions while tweaking your job description because misrepresenting yourself knowingly can invalidate your cover.

2. Choose A Car With A Small Engine

Vehicles with bigger, faster, and more powerful engines like sports cars are more likely to be involved in accidents.

Auto insurance companies charge drivers of this type of car more for insurance. Choosing a vehicle with a smaller engine would reduce your premium.

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3. Add A More Experienced Driver To Your Policy

A secondary driver added to your policy is perfectly legal and can save you some money. After you have their permission, you can add an experienced driver with a clean driving record to your insurance.

4. Park Your Car In A Garage – Security

Security is also important. Insurers access risks when calculating how much they would charge you on premiums. Parking your car in a garage, which is off the street lowers the chances of theft and vandalism. Inform your provider about the security measure and you could qualify for discounts.

5. Avoid Infractions On Your Driving Record

While minor infractions like a speeding ticket may not have much impact on your premiums, grievous offenses like DUI(drinking under the influence) will make your insurance plummet. A clean record will attract lower premium costs.

6. Compare Quotes From Multiple Providers

This is an absolute way of getting affordable car insurance in Bournemouth. Insurers have different rating systems and place different prices on policies. Shopping around for quotes and comparing them would help you find good policies that would suit your needs and budget effectively.

7. Take Advantage Of Discounts

Many auto insurers offer discounts to customers on a different basis. Other than comparing quotes, you can also check to see if you qualify for any discount. They can lower your premiums significantly. Your insurance agent or broker can help you when you contact them.

Some other ways you can cut costs on car insurance premiums are getting your full driving license, paying a higher excess and cutting extras, avoiding using your vehicles for business or professional purposes, paying upfront, and never leaving it till the last minute.

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Types Of Car Insurance Coverage In Bournemouth

In Bournemouth, there are three levels of cover, each having a different monthly premium. They are;

  1. Third-party
  2. Third-party fire and theft
  3. Comprehensive Insurance


Third-party insurance is the lowest level of car insurance needed to drive in Bournemouth.

It provides cover for damages and injuries sustained by the other party when you’re at fault in an accident. However, it does not cover damages to you or your vehicle. 

Although it is the most affordable car insurance in Bournemouth, it is advised that you purchase higher policies having wider coverage to protect yourself in cases where you incur more expenses than the minimum insurance can cover.

Third-Party Fire And Theft

This is the second and most common type of auto insurance coverage used by Bournemouth drivers.

It includes third-party insurance and also pays out when your vehicle is stolen or destroyed by fire. It, however, does not provide coverage when you are at fault for any incident. 

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance provides more extensive coverage than the former two and it is also the most expensive type of car insurance.

It includes coverage for damages to the third party, theft, fire damage, vandalism, and cover for your vehicle as well. It also provides coverage regardless of who is at fault in an accident. 

While comprehensive insurance provides coverage for most casualties and damages, it does not pay for the injuries you sustain.

Driving Without Car Insurance In Bournemouth

Drivers in Bournemouth are required to carry at least the minimum level of car insurance (Third-party) when they set out. Failing to have car insurance is illegal and punishable by law. Defaulters could have the following sanctions:

  1. Fine of up to 5000 Euros
  2. 5 penalty points
  3. Disqualification from driving for some time(2-4 years depending on the number of times you default)
  4. Vehicle impoundment
  5. Jail term not exceeding 6 months, at the discretion of the court.

Paying a hefty fine of 5000 Euros or facing any of the other penalties is no way to save money on car insurance. You should purchase the most affordable car insurance in Bournemouth at least to be on the safe side.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Car Insurance In Bournemouth

Premium is the periodic payment made to auto insurance companies to cover risks. How much you pay as car insurance premiums are determined by the level of risk your insurer considers you to pose as a driver. 

In some cases, your insurance provider imposes an extra charge to a standard premium to reflect the additional risk assumed. It is also known as Loading. The following factors are considered when determining your premium cost:


Drivers with less experience behind the wheels are most likely to pay more on auto insurance. Insufficient experience equals a greater risk of accidents. Also, drivers with provisional licenses are charged more, and those with a full license pay less.

Claims history

If you’ve been involved in accidents and have a history of making claims, you will pay more on car insurance premiums. Drivers with zero claims on records are charged far less compared to other drivers.


With a population of 514,000, Bournemouth is the largest city in Dorset, Southern England. The consequence of this is that there would be a large number of commuters and increased traffic which invariably, increases the risk of collisions. Areas with more traffic are charged more on car insurance.

Size of your vehicle

Based on statistics, faster and more powerful vehicles are more likely to be involved in an accident and consequently, more expensive to insure.

Value of your vehicle

Auto insurers also consider the value of your vehicle when placing value on your premium cost. Unlike old vehicles, new vehicles are more expensive to replace and will cost more to insure.

Your age

Age is a principal element that affects your insurance rates. Young drivers and Teens, young adults, and old drivers are categorized as high-risk drivers and will have higher car insurance premiums in Bournemouth. 

Level Of Cover Required

Differnt insurance types have differnt levels of coverage as well as premium cost. Your preferred type can also affect your insurance rates. 

In Conclusion

Car insurance is very important and in a city like Bournemouth, the governments make it compulsory to have one. You can get affordable car insurance policies in Bournemouth by following the guidelines provided. 

We hope this article has been of great help to you. Wed like to know your thoughts, kindly drop your comments in the section below.

Drive safely.

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