Affordable Health Insurance In Islas Baleares

Best Ways to Get Affordable Health Insurance In Islas Baleares

Islas Baleares is an autonomous community in Spain made up of four major Islands; Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera, and Cabrera. The community receives its health care or health insurance from both private medical centres and publicly funded hospitals and clinics.

When it comes to the matter of health, we must be particular in selecting the best possible health care services we need. 

There are two ways of getting affordable health insurance in Islas Baleares; the public health service or the private health service.

Are you a resident or a tourist looking for ways to get affordable health insurance in Islas Baleares during your stay? You no longer need to worry. Below we have provided you with tips that will help you in your search.

Public Health Insurance In Islas Baleares

Spain is known as one of the countries in the world having the best healthcare services. This does not exclude Islas Balears as it is a part of Spain. This rating is largely due to the quality of healthcare and the extent to which it provides coverage. 

The Ministry of Health and Consumer Protection of Balearic Islands (IB-SALUT) regulates and oversees the free health services of the Islands. Individuals who reside legally and officially on any of the Balearic Isles are entitled to receive free public healthcare services.

Public health services are funded principally by general taxation. Workers in the Balearic Islands make contributions to the social security service that serves as their health insurance tax. 

Are you in search of a GP and emergency practice, or a specialized surgeon? The Balearic Islands have some of the best health practitioners around. 

Public health insurance provides comprehensive and quality care at the lowest cost and it is a major way of getting affordable health insurance in Islas Baleares although waiting lists apply. 

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Who can Access Public Health Insurance In Islas Baleares

Native citizens are entitled to receive free health care but tourists and residents have different eligibility criteria and it is important you understand them when settling or visiting any of the Islands.


To cover for illness or injury, tourists require some form of travel insurance during their stay on the Island. Even without insurance(which is not safe), you can pay for your healthcare needs at the village or town PAC( Punto de Atencion Continuada).


Residency status also has an impact on registering for state healthcare. Permanent residents can access the public health services but on the other hand, residents with temporary visas may require to take out private insurance to cover their medical costs.

Healthcare Card – Tarjeta Sanitaria

For eligible persons to have access to free public health services in the Balearic Islands, you must have your health card. The health card (TSI) entitles the holder ( i.e a resident who works and resides in Spain legally and holds full residency status) to benefit from the States healthcare.

Eligibility Requirements For The Public Health Service In Baleares Islands

To access the public health insurance in Islas Baleares as an ex-pat, you are required to meet at least one of the following criteria;

  1. Living, working, and contributing to social security payments
  2. Resident in Spain and recently separated or divorced
  3. Resident in Spain and receiving specific health benefits
  4. Pregnant woman resident in Spain
  5. Children under 18 resident in Spain
  6. Below the age of 26 and studying in Spain
  7. State pensioners
  8. Holder of a valid EHIC temporarily in Spain


Registering for the health service is relatively straightforward although it comes with a lot of paperwork. Firstly, you need to register your address at your town hall.

The next step is to register with social security( Direccion General de la Tesoreria General de la Seguridad Social, TGSS) to get a certificate (certificado de empadronamiento). You would also have to present your ID or passport and proof of residency. 

There are many offices across Islas Baleares and appointments are easy to obtain. At the social security office, you will receive a certificate that entitles you to free health care which you must present alongside your NIE and passport at your local medical center.

Upon presenting these documents at your medical center, you will be registered with a doctor and issued a health card(Tarjeta Sanitaria). You are to present this card every time you make an appointment or collect prescription drugs.

European Health Insurance Card – EHIC

The EHIC is a free card that entitles members of EU states to access health care in Spain at a reduced cost or completely free, depending on the procedures.

The card can be used for any treatment, be it an emergency appointment or check-up, or hospital care. However, the EHIC does not give its holders access to private healthcare services.

Although the European Health Insurance Card can be used to access many health services in Spain, it cannot be used for specific treatments like plastic surgery and parturition. 

EHICs are available online for purchase and usually arrive within 7-28 days. Before embarking on a journey to the Islands, be sure to check the validity of your card.

Private Health Insurance In Baleares Islands

Private health insurers also offer affordable health insurance in Islas Baleares. They provide a variety of packages that fit the specific needs of different people.

Purchasing private coverage is usually the alternative resort for individuals who do not qualify for state care. Some residents in Islas Baleares also combine their public health coverage with private coverage.

Private health eliminates the issue of waiting lists that is accompanied by the public health service. This means that you can have access to specialist care in the shortest period. If you require frequent medical care, private health may be the best option for you. With private health, you also get to decide which doctor or specialist sees you.

Whilst having top-notch healthcare facilities, private health insurers also gives patients the privilege to choose which doctor or specialist treats them.

The most popular private health insurance in Spain includes:

  1. Aegon
  2. Allianz 
  3. Bupa global
  4. ASISA
  5. Aetna International
  6. Cigna global
  7. DKV 
  8. Generali
  9. Globality Health
  10. IKEA family
  11. Sanitas
  12. OVB
  13. Mapfre


Dental treatments are not covered by the Spanish health service except its a case of absolute emergency. Asides from that all expenses incurred have to be paid in full or through your private insurance if you have one. Dentistry is highly regarded in Spain and its prices are incredibly low. So even with private health, your payouts would be low. Private policies is cost-effective and is, without doubt, a way of getting affordable health insurance in Islas Baleares.


All residents in Spain are entitled to free antenatal and birth care but you have to b registered with social security to give birth in Spain. However, many ex-pats choose to go private, particularly if they are not fluent in Spanish.


The Balearic Islands are beautiful and armed with an excellent healthcare system. The best policy for you would depend on your residential status, your needs, and your budget.

If you do not qualify for public health insurance you can still find other affordable health insurance policies in Islas Baleares. You can compare quotes online to find the most suitable policies that fit in with your needs and budget.

Which policy do you think is best for you? Please drop your reply in the comment section below.

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