Affordable Health Insurance In Region de Murcia

Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Region de Murcia

Do you need healthcare in Murcia? Are you looking for low-cost health insurance that can cover your medical needs? You are on the right path.

Health insurance is very valuable, no doubt but sometimes comes at an expense. However, getting the most out of your policy while paying less is wise.

There are several ways of getting affordable health insurance in Region de Murcia.

Lest I forget to add, Murcia(Spain) has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. This should be comforting as it means that comprehensive and quality care is given to all eligible persons.

Two kinds of health insurance are found in Murcia(short form for Region de Murcia): Public health insurance and private health insurance. They both have their pros and cons but one thing is certain. Both systems offer exceptional health services.

This article describes both ways you can get affordable health insurance in Region de Murcia. All you have to do is ride with me.

Public Health Insurance In Region de Murcia

Murcia Health Service( Servicio murciano de Salud – SMS) is the public health agency responsible for providing healthcare services and it is a major way of getting affordable health insurance in Region de Murcia.

The SMS offers preventive, curative, and rehabilitative care. The health service is a multifaced system that functions in health promotion, disease prevention, providing comprehensive primary health care, and also specialized healthcare services.

Murcia health service is similar to UK”s health service in the sense that it is funded by public taxation. All workers, employed and self-employed make contributions to the social security service. These contributions they make serve as their health insurance tax which is remitted to the public health service.

Are you a neophile who likes to be computer savvy? Murcia Health Service has all primary care points computerized as well as its hospitals. So with SMS, high-tech facilities are used in the administration of healthcare services.

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Who Is Eligible For Health Insurance In Region de Murcia?

Public health service in Murcia is comprehensive, providing health care of high standards to the region. The following individuals are eligible to access SMS:

  1. Employees and Self-employed workers

In Murcia, workers make social security contributions through their salaries or earnings which entitles them to the public health cover.

  1. Permanent Residents

Legally permanent residents can also access the health service irrespective of their nationality.

  1. A State Pensioners

State pensioners in Murcia receive healthcare benefits and even more discounts on prescription charges.

  • Freelancers and business owners

Business owners and freelancers also make their social security contributions toward public healthcare. This allows them to access healthcare services.

  • Spouses and children

Children below 18 and spouses of workers in Murcia can access free state healthcare. 

  • EU/EEA/Swiss nationals

EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals visiting Spain can make use of the Murcia Health service and will also be charged as Spanish residents as long as they have their health card(EHIC – European Health Insurance Card).

  • Students

Students learning in Spain from the European Union having their EHIC can receive health care throughout their period of stay in Spain.

There are certain countries Spain has bilateral agreements with.  Nationals and permanent residents of these countries can have access to free emergency medical treatment in Spain. These countries include Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Andorra.

Non-EU nationals and residents with temporary visas may not be eligible to receive public health insurance in Region de Murcia. And so would require private health plans to pay out for any medical and health expenses they may incur.


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What Does Public Health Insurance In Region de Murcia?

You might be wondering, “exactly what services does the SMS cover and what makes it an affordable way to get health insurance in Region de Murcia?”. 

Amongst many others, the public health service covers all kinds of hospital and emergency treatment, care from doctors, access to specialist care, and also home care treatment which is particularly beneficial to the elderly and disabled. 

But, to access these benefits even as an eligible individual, you must have your healthcare card(TSI: targeta sanitaria individual in Spanish). Basically, your healthcare is your license to access the public health and benefits system. 

To add, your health card can be used in any part of Spain and not particularly in Murcia.

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Prescription Costs

The cost of prescription in Spain is relatively cheap and unitary throughout the country. Although you have to pay for prescriptions, they come at a subsidized rate. The purpose of the fee is to check abuse and waste.

Currently, the prescription charge in Spain is about 11 Euros. And guess what?  Depending on earnings, 40-60% of a worker’s prescription cost is covered by his healthcare card.

And to add to that, up to 90% of the total prescription cost is also covered for pensioners by their healthcare card, based on income as well. No wonder Spain is regarded as one of the best in providing healthcare services.

However, dental treatment is not covered by the SMS(Murcia Health Service) except for examinations and minor treatments for children. More expensive procedures have to be paid in full except if you have private health insurance. 


Applying For Public Health Insurance In Extremadura

If you qualify for public health insurance, you should register. Applying for public health cover requires the following steps:

  1. Register your address at a local town hall nearest to you
  2. There you would be given a certificate of registration(empadronamiento). 
  3. Have your social security number. It is usually given by employers to their workers. However, if you are self-employed, you can get your own from the social security office closest to you. 
  4. The next thing to do is to apply for a health card which requires that you fill out form TA1.
  5.  Take the filled form to a Social Security office near you along with a valid passport or ID card, your residency certificate, and padrón certificate from your local town hall where it will be processed.
  6. It can either be sent to you via mail or you can go pick it up personally, depending on your arrangement.

Your healthcare card is proof that you are registered with the health service and upon presenting it, you will be given access to health care services, including discounted rates at pharmacies in Region de Murcia.

Murcia Health service also allows patients to select general practice doctors within their local district but you would need a referral to see a specialist doctor.

Private Health Insurance In Region de Murcia

Private health companies also offer affordable health insurance in Region de Murcia and they provide a wide range of services that meets the specific needs of different classes of people.

For individuals who are not eligible for public health services, private health plans are the best way to get health coverage in Murcia. Also, some residents buy private health policies as a complement to the public health cover they have.

Advantages Of Private Health Insurance 

While public health service is known to have long waiting lists,  private health insurance, on the other hand, do not.  Waiting lists are shorter and in many cases absent which means you get faster access to specialist care.

Patients requiring regular medical care and attention, mostly use private health insurance in Murcia to avoid long waiting lists. You are also able to decide which doctor or specialist treats you.

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How To Select Affordable Health Insurance In Region de Murcia

If you choose to purchase a private health plan and you want to select a health insurance provider, you should:

  1. First, understand your needs: This helps you to know the kind of plan you need and the level of cover you want from your health insurance. 
  2. Consider your budget: Check to see if your preferred plan fits your budget effectively.
  3. Search Hunt: After you’ve considered and made a decision then you can start to hunt for quotes from different health insurers and compare them to find which best sits well with your needs and budget.

Following these steps can help you in your search for affordable health insurance in Extremadura.

Some Private Health Insurers

Below are some of the largest health insurers in Spain:

  1. Cigna Global
  1. Allianz Care
  2. Globality Health

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