Health Insurance In Communidad Valenciana

Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Communidad Valenciana

There are several ways to get affordable health insurance in Communidad Valenciana.

all you have to do is understand your needs and then select an insurance type that best fits your budget.

Spain boasts of one of the best health care systems in the world as it offers high quality and comprehensive care to its residents at low costs.

Public health insurance and private health insurance are two sources of getting health insurance.

Follow me closely as I will be explaining them in detail.

Public Health Insurance In Communidad Valenciana

The health care system in Spain is decentralized which means that every area is allocated a budget for health services. Communidad Valenciana, ( also called Valencia), provides free, comprehensive, and high-quality health care services for all citizens and eligible residents. 

Like the public health system in the UK, health insurance in Communidad Valenciana is funded majorly by general taxation. Self-employed and employed individuals contribute to the healthcare system. 

Do you want to know how? Usually, funds are deducted from every paycheck which is remitted to the social security service with employers contributing a percentage to the scheme for each worker. And so most residents do not necessarily need private health plans except they want to meet specific needs that the public service does not provide.

To be eligible for the free health insurance in Communidad Valencia, you have to meet one of the following conditions:

  1. Be a resident and pay social security contributions
  2. Be a native/citizen receiving states benefit
  3. A pregnant woman who is a resident in Spain
  4. A child resident below the age of 18
  5. Students under the age of 26
  6. A pensioner
  7. EU, EEA, Swiss national visiting Spain and have an EHIC card

If you do not meet the following conditions, you would have to make arrangements for private health insurance.

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How To Register for Health Insurance In Communidad Valencia

Employers usually provide their workers with their social security numbers. But if you do not have yours, you can register with the social security service to obtain your own. But firstly, you have to register your address at the local town hall closest to you. 

To be registered, you’d be required to show an ID card or passport, a certificate of residency, and a filled application form. Once registered, a social security number and a certificate would be given to you. 

Along with your passport and NIE number, the certificate should be taken to a healthcare service where you would be able to register with a doctor and fill out an application for a health card.

Your health card(TSI) can either be mailed to your address or picked up personally, depending on your choice.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is a free card that allows citizens and residents of the EU to access free health services whenever they travel on a temporary visit to any of the member states.

If you have an EHIC when on a holiday or visit to Valencia, you can use your card to avail the services of health insurance in Communidad Valencia. 

The EHIC can be used to get any medical treatment needed at a reduced cost. This includes routine or special treatment for a new or ongoing condition, which cannot wait until the person reaches home.

However, EHIC does not provide access to private healthcare and the holder cannot use the card if they are visiting Valencia specifically to receive free treatment.

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Health Agreements

Spain has bilateral agreements with certain countries. Residents from these countries can access emergency medical treatment whenever they are in Spain which includes Valencia. These countries are:

  1. Chile
  2. Andorra
  3. Brazil
  4. China
  5. Peru
  6. Ecuador

If you are not a resident/ citizen of Spain, from any of the aforementioned countries or any of the countries of the European Union, you would have to purchase private health insurance.


Services Covered By Public Health Insurance In Communidad Valenciana

Your TSI(targeta sanitaria individual) health card covers care from doctors and hospital treatment. With your health card, you can also access treatment at home, which can be particularly useful to the elderly and disabled.

Before you receive free treatment from a doctor or hospital in Valencia, you have to present your health card. It is your passport to free state healthcare.

However, prescription fees at pharmacies apply and must be paid at the time of purchase.

The public health insurance in Communidad Valenciana does not cover dental treatment. Unless you have private health insurance, you have to pay in full.

Dentist fees are not expensive, on a relative scale and the quality of care given is of a high standard. Private health insurance halves the cost, with dental insurance costing as low as 10–20 Euros per month.

Prescription Costs 

The prescription cost in Valencia is the same across Spain. On average, it costs as low as 11 Euros. Although residents have to pay for prescriptions, those registered under the public health service get medications at a discounted rate.

For instance, depending on your income, 40-60% of your total prescription cost is covered. Pensioners also receive a special discount of up to 90%.

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Public Health insurance In Communidad Valenciana For Unemployed/Low Earners 

The Convenio Especial (special agreement) is a low-cost insurance pay-in-scheme offered by Spanish authorities that is available to individuals who have issues accessing the benefits of the system such as low earners and those who are unemployed.

This scheme essentially provides health coverage in exchange for a low monthly premium. You can choose to pay for either a minimum, average, or maximum contribution base.

Note that the convenio especial does not provide health services during periods of normal employment because then you will begin to contribute to the social security system. 

Private Health Insurance In Communidad Valenciana

Private health insurance is also available in Valencia for those who need it and can afford it.  Even though Valencia”s health service provides extensive coverage and excellent health care services, some residents opt for private health policies.

A major reason is to avoid the lengthy waiting periods that accompany the public health service. Private insurance in Communidad Valenciana offers faster access to specialist care, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, freedom to select a doctor of your choice, and additional health services like elective surgery.

Residents with a temporary visa that do not qualify for public health insurance in Communidad Valenciana also buy private plans to cover their medical expenses. 

Private health companies provide a variety of plans or packages that cater to specific circumstances. Before you settle for a plan it’s important to research the available options and seek advice.

Advantages Of Private Health Insurance In Communidad Valenciana

 Private health insurance offers high-quality services just as the public health insurance in Communidad Valenciana but also overcomes the downsides of the public sector.

With private health, you receive specialist care and treatment quicker because it has shorter waiting lists. This is an important factor to consider if you require regular medical treatment.

Private health insurance also gives you the liberty to select a doctor with a good grasp of English. You can find lists of English-speaking doctors at embassies and tourist offices.

How To Choose A Private health insurance Provider

The best way to choose a private health insurance provider in Valencia is by comparing quotes from different health providers. It would help you find policies that are suitable for you and fit in your budget.

Some private healthcare providers include:

  1. Allianz Care
  2. Globality Health
  3. Cigna Global


Both public and private health insurance in Valencia offer good healthcare services. The best way to get affordable health insurance is to weigh the available options, access your needs and know if you can afford it.

There are many comparison sites online that you can use to help you make informed decisions.

In my opinion, the most affordable health insurance is public health insurance but it limits its coverage to residency status. Which of them best suits you?

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