Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Cantabria

Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Cantabria

Are you in Cantabria and looking for affordable health insurance?. There are several ways you can have health insurance in Cantabria without breaking the bank.

In the province of Cantabria, you can either get health insurance through the public Cantabrian health service or purchase private health insurance policies. 

Health insurance is a major step in maintaining health. It secures you in times of unexpected health conditions and also reduces the total cost of medical care.

The particular type of health insurance that would be affordable to you would depend on your needs and budget. Let us take a closer look at the sources of health insurance in Cantabria.

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Cantabrian Health Service

The Cantabrian Health Service (Servicio Cantabro de Salud in Spanish) is an autonomous public health organization that is part of the Spanish National Health System that serves the region of Cantabria.

Similar to the public health service in the UK, the Cantabrian health service is funded by general taxation. All workers in the province contribute to the public health sector. Some amount is deducted from every paycheck as health insurance tax.

The SCS(Servicio Cantabro de Salud) is responsible for the provision of healthcare services including prevention and rehabilitation in the province. Public health services are divided into primary health care services and specialized care services.

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Primary Health Care Services

This is the first level of access to citizens under the Cantabrian health service. It offers comprehensive healthcare through prevention, cure, and rehabilitative care. It also involves health promotion, health education, and environmental health surveillance. 

Primary healthcare services are provided to residents of Cantabria in health centers and clinics. The city has a total of 37 health centers and 122 health offices where you can access health care services.

Specialized Health Care Services

The specialized health services provide the necessary technical and human resources for appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation that cannot be solved at primary health care centers.

Some functions of the specialized care are:

  1. Medical and surgical support to primary health care through hospital services
  2. Participation in teaching and research activities
  3. Coordination with primary care through continued training, specific programs, and establishment of joint protocols for some pathologies and processes.

The Cantabrian health service manages the 5 public hospitals present in Cantabria. These hospitals are:

  1. Marques de Valdecilla University Hospital
  2. Sierrallana Hospital
  3. Comarcal Hospital of Laredo
  4. Tres Mares Hospital
  5. Santa Cruz Hospital
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Who Is Eligible For The Cantabrian Health Service?

The Cantabrian Health service is a sub-category of the Spanish health service. It provides most health care needs of the people. The following individuals are eligible to receive coverage from the Spanish Health Service:

  • Employees

Employees and self-employed workers in Cantabria make social security contributions through their earnings and this entitles them to the public health cover.

  • Freelancers and business owners

Freelancers are also required to make their own social security contributions toward public healthcare and it gives them access to health services.

  • Spouses and children

If you are married to a worker in Spain with/without kids, both you and your kids are entitled to free healthcare services. 

  • EU/EEA/Swiss nationals

Nationals of the EU, EEA, and Switzerland who have reached the age of retirement in their country are eligible to receive free healthcare in Spain. 

Also, residents of the EU, EEA, and Switzerland staying in Spain temporarily can use their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This allows them to receive medical treatment at the same cost as a Spanish resident.

  • Students

Students from the European Union can receive health care throughout their stay in Spain as long as they have their EHIC.

However, temporary residents, non-EU nationals, and students are not covered by the public health insurance in Cantabria and so would require private health insurance to cover any medical expenses incurred. 



What Does Public Health Insurance In Cantabria Cover?

A health card covers a wide range of health services. It covers hospital treatment, care from physicians, and also homecare treatment. Home care treatment is particularly helpful to the disabled and elderly.

The health card allows you to receive free treatment from doctors and hospitals in Cantabria, as well as other parts of Spain. However, prescriptions are not free. 

You must pay for your prescriptions at the time of your purchase. Your health card covers about 40-60% of the cost of your prescription drugs (depending on your earnings). 

The health card covers up to 90% of the total prescription cost for pensioners. Prescription costs in Spain are cheap, relatively. The average cost of a prescription is 11 Euros.

The Cantabrian health insurance does not cover pre-existing medical conditions and dental treatment.

Dental fees must be paid in full by individuals except if they have private medical insurance that halves the cost. With dental insurance, dental care costs come as low as 10-20 Euros per month.

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Applying For Public Health Insurance In Cantabria

If you are eligible for the public healthcare, you can apply in the following steps:

  1. Register your address on the Padron of your local town hall
  2. After registering, you will get a certificate of registration(empadronamiento). 
  3. Make sure you have your social security number. It would be issued to you by your employer if you are a worker but if you are self-employed you can get yours from the social security office nearest to you. 
  4. To get your health card, you would be required to fill out form TA1.
  5.  Take the filled form to your nearest Social Security office along with your passport, NIE, and padrón certificate from your local town hall.
  6. It would be processed and you can arrange for it to be sent to you or you can go pick it up.

You can select general practice doctors within your healthcare district, but in order to see a specialist, you must be referred by your GP.

Your health card(TSI) proves that you have health insurance in Cantabria. You’d be required to present it whenever you want to access health care services or purchase a prescription from a pharmacy.


Private Health Insurance In Cantabria

Individuals who do not qualify for the Cantabrian health service and those that require additional healthcare services can opt for private health insurance. 

Private health insurance providers offer a wide range of services that can meet your specific needs.

Advantages Of Private Health Insurance Coverage

Although public healthcare is of high quality, some residents opt for private health insurance. One of the major benefits is shorter waiting times. 

This helps patients avoid the long waiting times often associated with the state healthcare system. Private health insurance plans also give you the liberty to select a doctor of your choice. 

How To Select A Health Insurance Provider In Cantabria

If you decide to have private health insurance, you can find the most affordable plans by comparing quotes from multiple health insurers. 

Below are some of the largest private health insurance companies in Spain(Cantabria):

  1. Cigna Global
  2. Allianz Care
  3. Globality Health

In Conclusion

Cantabria has one of the best healthcare systems. Generally, being covered under the Cantabrian health service is the most affordable way of getting affordable health insurance. However,  if you do not qualify, you can compare quotes from private health providers to find plans that suit you best and are within your budget.

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