Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Karnten

Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Karnten

Austria’s national healthcare system is regarded as one of the best in the world and its a sure way of getting affordable health insurance in Karnten.

The system stands out as it offers excellent and comprehensive healthcare services, granting the same and straightforward access to everyone with health insurance. 

Lets us take a more in-depth look at the healthcare system in Karnten

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Public Healthcare In Karnten

In Karnten, also called Carinthia, the majority of the residents (approx. 99.9%) receive health insurance coverage through the public healthcare system. The system is applicable to all Austrians, EU passport holders and citizens of  EEA countries(European Economic Area).

The Statutory Health Insurance (SHI) as it is also called, is funded majorly by general taxation and it is mandatory to contribute to the system as a worker. Employers are obligated to register their workers with social insurance within seven days of their resumption date.

Features Of Public Healthcare 

The public healthcare system is very comprehensive offering coverage to a vast extent of your health care needs regardless of age and background.

  1. Workers contribute to the public healthcare system through their salaries(health insurance tax is taken out of every paycheck). 
  2. Individuals covered by the public health insurance are issued an e-card
  3. You receive medical services by presenting your e-card to medical professionals
  4. The E-cards can also be used for electronic signatures
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Services Of Public Health Insurance

The services of the Statutory Health Insurance are provided in four pathways which include precautionary, maternity, illness and therapeutic aids.

  1. Precautionary: this includes vaccinations, remedies and treatment, health checks, lifestyle advice, health at work and recovery.
  2. Maternity: this includes childbirth, child allowance, maternity allowance and parental leave benefits.
  3. Illness: encompasses treatment for work-related illness, doctor’s visits, accidents at work, support with serious health problems and mental health treatments.
  4. Therapeutic aids are for accidents at work, incapacity for work, treatments after accidents at work and occupational diseases.

It is also important to know that free healthcare in Austria is available only to those who are pensioners, disabled, out of work, spouses of workers and on unemployment benefits. 

Healthcare Costs 


  • Employed people and farmers are likely to have free benefits for most health services the moment they start receiving care
  • You may have to pay between 10 and 20% of the overall cost for contracted physicians for outpatient visits.
  • Most people are covered for medical aids( like wheelchairs) for up to 1,328 EUR (1,465 USD) per aid.
  • Prescriptions cost 6.50 EUR per item for medicine on the “positive list.”
  • individuals receiving the minimum pension, people with notifiable communicable diseases, and asylum seekers are exempt from paying prescription fees.
  • Employees pay an annual fee of about 11 EUR for their e-card which allows them outpatient visits at no extra charge.
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Benefits Of The Public Healthcare System In Karnten

The healthcare system in Karnten has the following benefits:

  1. Healthcare services are comprehensive and of an excellent standard
  2. A vast majority of the residents are covered by the public healthcare system
  3. Prescription costs are relatively low
  4. High accessibility to pharmaceuticals and hospitals. Hospitals in Austria are called “Apotheke”
  5. Preventive screening and check-ups 
  6. Short waiting times. Karnten has the shortest waiting time in all the provinces for inpatient and outpatient treatments. You can get same-day treatments at the hospitals
  7. Dentures and dental treatment are also provided
  8. The helpline is always open for medical advice whenever you feel unwell
  9. Hospitals in Karnten are renowned for their state-of-the-art medical technology
  10. Carinthia has over 600 GPs General Practitioners) that provide medical care close to home
  11. Preventive methods are promoted in Karnten across all borders showing people the ways of staying healthy and fit.

Affordable Health Insurance In Karnten

Even though the public healthcare system provides quality health services to most residents at minimum costs, some individuals purchase private health as a compliment. You can also buy private health insurance if you are not eligible for public health.

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Private Health Insurance Coverage

Private health insurance is usually more expensive than the public healthcare system but it also provides expert care, lifelong coverage, shorter waiting times and the ability to choose which physician sees you for outpatient treatment, private hospital rooms and even a private bathroom depending on your policy.. 

Private health insurers in Austria cannot set restrictions or terminate your services with them. The contract ends when you choose to end it.

Types Of Health Insurance Plans

The public health service is comprehensive and easy to access but you can buy private plans to access the special class features or you suffer from a chronic disease or illness.

Inpatient Treatment

In most cases, inpatient treatments are covered by your insurance. Whenever you need to stay in a special ward and you take out private health insurance, the costs of staying there would be paid for by your insurance. 

Private health insurers pay the hospital directly so there is no cause to worry. The special class private health insurance allows you to:

  1. Choose your physician
  2. Stay in private hospitals  or in private wards
  3. It also has shorter waiting times for operations
  4. Access to the internet, private bathroom and other bonus equipment

Outpatient Treatment

In Karnten, outpatient treatment gives you access to care from a number of physicians who are not available with public healthcare services. These physicians tend to be some of the more experienced and talented experts. 

Prescriptions and surgeries with private healthcare doctors are only covered by private health insurance packages. You will also experience shorter waiting times for the physician of your choice with private medical insurance. 

You will be covered for medication, glasses, contact lenses and other medical products for no extra charge. Private health insurance in Austria also can also offer you free dental care, subsidised gym memberships, travel insurance and check-ups.

Average Cost Of Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance in Austria is approximately 220 EUR (243 USD) per month on average. However, individual prices differ depending on factors such as age and other features included in each health insurance plan.

Examples of Private Health Insurance 

In karnten, private health insurers usually offer several types of plans that cater to the needs of people of all ages. Prices of health insurance differ between children under the age of 18 years and adults of 65 years and above. Premium costs increase with age.

For instance, a plan for individuals under 18 can cost around 30 EUR per month whereas the same plan for people of  65 years and above costs about 450 to 500 EUR.

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Basic Private Insurance Plan Example

  • Maternity cover
  • Cover in public hospitals in Europe
  • Cover in private hospitals worldwide while travelling up to four weeks up to 150,000 EUR
  • Coverage  for out-patient treatment while travelling up to four weeks up to 15,000 EUR 
  • Specialised hospital treatments worldwide if treatment is not possible in Austria
  • High-tech check-up once a year
  • Second opinion
  • Emergency transport to Austria
  • Change to a higher insurance plan 
  • Special class in-patient treatment in private and public hospitals
  • Cover in case of accidents, illness, surgery, and medically prescribed cosmetic surgery
  • Outpatient surgery
  • A shared hospital room (maximum two beds)
  • No deductible in case of accidents or maternity
  • No deductible in case of illness for 4 days

Premium Private Insurance Plan Example

Typically, a premium plan includes the same benefits as the basic plan, including:

  • Private hospital room
  • Zero deductible in case of illness
  • Private out-patient medical treatment
  • 11,706 EUR per year in cover
  • 587 EUR sublimit for medically prescribed adjuvants
  • 587 EUR sublimit for medically prescribed medicines
  • 587 EUR sublimit for medically prescribed physical therapy, alternative medicine, midwives and massages

Private Health Insurance Providers In Karnten

There are many private health companies offering good healthcare services in Karnten. Below are a few:

  1. Allianz Care
  2. Cigna Global

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