Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Stockton On Tees

Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Stockton On Tees

There are several ways of getting affordable health insurance in Stockton On Tees. The first and most affordable way is public health service. 

Health insurance is undoubtedly very important as it serves as security for your health and that of your family. In simple terms, health insurance pays out for your medical costs when you fall sick, protecting you from financial losses.

Stockton, as it is also called for short, is a market town in, South East of Durham, England and the town gets its health insurance mainly from the public healthcare services provided by the Department of Health.

Private health insurance providers are also available if you prefer to use private health.

Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Stockton On Tees 

Basically,there are three ways you can get affordable health insurance in Stockton on tees. It’s either you use public healthcare, purchase private health policies or you receive coverage from your employer.

Some employers or companies offer health insurance to their workers as part of their benefits package. However, you are not entitled to receive coverage from them.

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Public Health Service In Stockton On Tees

In Stockton as well as other parts of England, public healthcare services are provided by NHS England.  The NHS (National Health Service) is a publicly funded healthcare system established in 1948 as part of a major social reform following the second world war.

The NHS is committed to providing healthcare services that are comprehensive, universal and free to all at the point of delivery. The services provided by the NHS are on the basis of need and not on the ability to pay.

Healthcare is based on residence and is not affected by factors like age, gender, pregnancy, marriage, religion or race.

Registering With The National Health Service

Anyone living in Stockton on Tees can register with the NHS. in order to receive services provided by the NHS, you are required to register with a GP practice.

A GP (General Practitioner) is a doctor that treats all illnesses and provides preventive care and health education to patients. He is not confined to treating specific organs of the body but refers patients to medical centres or hospitals for specialist treatment.

You can register with any GP of your choice but it’s best you choose the GP nearest to you. The reason is so that you’d not have to travel when you have any medical condition.

After you have registered with a GP practice, you will receive an NHS number. Your NHS number is what you need when booking for services online and registering for prescriptions.

Your NHS number is issued when you first register and remains the same for the rest of your life. You can also register as a temporary patient if you are to stay in Stockton for a brief period of time.

Services Provided By National Health Service(NHS)

The NHS provides a comprehensive list of free healthcare services. They include;

  1. A & E Services (Accident and Emergency)
  2. Family planning services but not infertility treatment and abortion
  3. Treatment for infectious diseases (Sexual Health Services)
  4. Contact your GP for advice and support
  5. Book or cancel appointments with your GP or nurse
  6. Eye examinations
  7. Dental examinations
  8. Minor injury treatment at clinics
  9. Prescriptions in some cases – Individuals below the age of 18 and above 59 and pregnant women are entitled to free prescriptions, also contraceptives and medicines for hospital inpatients are free.
  10. Hospital stays and inpatient treatment 
  11. Specialist treatment when referred by your GP
  12. Surgery

Services Not Provided By National Health Service

Even though the NHS provides a wide range of healthcare services, some services require payment. Examples of them are;

  1. Prescriptions – Most adults are required to pay for prescriptions. 

Individuals below the age of 18 and above 59 are entitled to free prescriptions and prescriptions like contraceptives and medicines for hospital inpatients are also free but most adults in England have to pay for prescriptions

  1. Eye care(glasses and contact lenses)
  2. Dental care
  3. Wigs and fabric support
  4. Accident/sickness insurance certificate
  5. Vaccinations and travel service
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NHS Prescription Charges

Although you have to pay for prescriptions, they all have a fixed price regardless of the quantity and type required per treatment.

The current charge for prescription is 9.35 Euros per item.

You could save money on NHS prescription costs with a Prescription Prepayment Certificate.

  1. A 3 month PPC costs 30.25 Euro
  2. A 12 month PPC costs 108.10 Euro

Other Costs:

  1. Abdominal or spinal support – 46.30 Euro
  2. Surgical bra – 30.70 Euro
  3. Stock acrylic wig – 75.70 Euro
  4. Partial human hair wig – 200.50 Euro
  5. Full bespoke human hair wig – 293.20 Euro

Other Health Services Offered By Public Healthcare

Your GP is usually the first person to call when you have a health distress but not every condition requires the attention of your GP. minor health conditions can be solved by accessing some other health services provided.


Pharmacists are trained medical professionals that can help you with minor health conditions and offer health and wellbeing advice. They dispense prescription drugs, non prescription drugs like paracetamol, access to repeat prescription service with agreement from your GP etc.

They do not require appointments and come in handy when you are faced with minor health conditions like rashes, common colds, coughs, aches and pains.

Call The Helpline

You can also call the helpline, NHS 111 when you’re faced with an emergency health condition or  want to get information on your health issues and seek ways of handling them. 

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Disadvantages Of The NHS

The NHS has been very beneficial to those who have registered with it. However, it also suffers some setbacks.

First and foremost is the issue of long waiting lists. The public health service is known to have long waiting lists and this can cause a delay in dispensing required treatment  at the moment when you need it

Also, GP consultations are short. It lasts about 10 minutes and the time might not be sufficient for your GP to give you medical advice, and treatment and prescribe medications for you.

Private Health Insurance In Stockton On Tees

Private health insurance is an alternative to the NHS. The private health service also provides quality care and support to individuals. With private health insurance, you get access to better health care facilities and shorter waiting periods.

There are some differences between public and private health. While the NHS provides free healthcare to all individuals living within the region it covers, private health requires payment and in most cases is expensive.

Also, private health providers decide your insurance costs by considering certain factors but public health is accessible to all and not determined by insurance.

Factors Affecting Health Insurance Costs In Stockton On Tees

The factors that influence your premium costs include the following;


Your age is a major factor that affects your health insurance costs. Premium costs increase with age.

Body Mass Index( BMI)

Individuals with higher body mass index are usually charged more because they are at greater risk of needing medical care.


Different areas are charged differently for health insurance and so your premium cost also depends on the area you fall under.

Past Medical Record

Health insurance providers usually ask that you declare your past medical history. If you have past records of suffering from chronic ailments, you are more likely to be charged more.

Some other factors also considered are family history, smoking and drinking, profession and your chosen benefits.

Services Offered By Private Health Providers In Stockton On Tees

Health insurance providers typically do not provide coverage for chronic health conditions, but for only acute conditions.

  1. Eyecare
  2. Consultation services
  3. Physiotherapy
  4. Quick access to diagnosis and treatment
  5. Health checks and fitness packages
  6. Travel vaccinations
  7. Clinical psychology
  8. Private general practice
  9. Dietician services
  10. Cosmetic Surgery

In Conclusion

You can choose between public and private health insurance after weighing your options and accessing the risks involved.. However, the NHS provides the most affordable health insurance in Stockton On Tees but the best for you would depend largely on your needs and preferences.

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