Affordable Health Insurance In Sunderland

Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Sunderland

Are you looking for ways to get affordable health insurance in Sunderland? Look no further cause we got you covered.

The value of having sound health cannot be overemphasised and insuring your health is a wise thing to do. In simple terms, health insurance is a type of coverage that pays out for your health treatment whenever you’re ill.

Health insurance secures your health, the health of your family and your finances from great losses.

Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Sunderland

In Sunderland, you can get health insurance mainly from two sources. You can either register with the public health care service or make use of private health insurance policies.

Both services render great benefits but the best one for you would depend on your needs and how much you can afford health insurance.

Let’s take a closer look at these services.

Public Healthcare Service In Sunderland

Public health service in Sunderland is provided by the NHS (National Health Service). Founded in July 1948, the NHS was established to provide free healthcare to individuals within England, Sunderland included.

The NHS is rated to be the best and most affordable health insurance in Sunderland as it provides comprehensive care to all and this provision is residence-based rather than insurance-based.

Entitlement to services provided by the NHS in Sunderland is regardless of factors like age, gender, race, religion, maternity or pregnancy, marriage or civil partnership.

There are several principles that guide the operation of the NHS. Some of the core principles are that it be free at the point of delivery, that it meets the needs of the people and that it is based on clinical need and not the ability to pay.

Accessing The NHS In Sunderland

In order for you to access the affordable health insurance in Sunderland, you would be required to register at a medical centre or hospital as an NHS patient. 

After registration, you will then be assigned to a general practitioner(GP) and be given a medical card. Your medical card contains your National Insurance Number,NIN. The NIN is what allows you to have access to health insurance.

Fun Fact

A GP is a general practice doctor that does not specialise in any particular field of medicine but is able to treat all illnesses. He is an expert on diagnosis that gives sound medical advice and also refers patients for specialist treatment.

Services Offered By NHS In Sunderland

The public healthcare service covers a wide range of services. It provides coverage for most of your healthcare needs at zero cost. The services listed below are provided by the NHS.

  1. Dental examinations
  2. Eye examinations
  3. Emergency services (A & E)
  4. Appointments/consultations with your GP/nurse
  5. Surgery
  6. Hospital stays and treatment
  7. Minor injury treatment at clinics
  8. Sexual health Services
  9. Contraceptive advice
  10. Pregnancy/ maternity services
  11. Specialist treatment when referred by your GP

Services Not Offered By The NHS In Sunderland

Not all services are not covered by the NHS. Although you’d be required to pay for these services, the amount is regulated. They include;

  1. Prescriptions ( 9GBP per item)
  2. Eye treatment (glasses and contact lenses)
  3. Dental treatment
  4. Travel vaccination
  5. Wig and fabric support
  6. accident/sickness insurance certificate

Other Health Services Offered By Public Healthcare

Outside GP consultations and hospital treatment, there are certain services provided by the government that also provide effective and efficient healthcare services.


Pharmacies are outlets or stores where medicines are sold and pharmacists are licensed medical professionals that are able to give sound medical advice on minor ailments. You can get treatments for ailments like stomach aches, burns, and sore throats at pharmacies.

Call The Helpline

When you have an urgent medical condition and its probably past normal GP opening times, you can call the helpline at NHS 111. The helpline provides telecare 24/7 and there are health personnels always available to give you directions on what to do.

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Sexual Health Services and Contraception

This is also a free service offered in Sunderland. Visit any of the sexual health centres for any sexual health related conditions(like STI) and contraceptive advice.

Disadvantages Of The NHS

The NHS is undoubtedly great in benefits. Since most of the services offered are free, it reduces the cost of medical care to a minimum level. Nonetheless, it suffers from some drawbacks.

Firstly, it’s the waiting lists. The NHS is known to have long waiting lists and therefore you may not get access to medical care as soon as you need them. Even when you’ve been referred to see a specialist, it takes a long while.

Secondly, GP consultations last only for about 8-10 minutes and the time frame is usually insufficient to see the doctor.

Thirdly, you cannot see a specialist without a referral from your GP. This can be unfavourable in some cases where you need urgent treatment.

Private Health Insurance In Sunderland

Many residents living in Sunderland prefer to purchase private health plans mostly because they are trying to avoid the shortcomings of the public healthcare service and they want more healthcare services that are lacking in the NHS.

Private health enables you to have flexibility and control over the medical treatments you receive, it gives you quick and easy access to see specialists and you also get to use better healthcare facilities.

But if you decide to go with public health, keep in mind that they are usually expensive. And quite different from the NHS, private health insurers charge you based on certain factors. These factors play key roles in determining your premium costs.

Factors Affecting Health Insurance Costs In Sunderland

Some factors that determine your insurance costs are as follows;


Age is a primary factor used by private health providers. Usually, your premiums increase as you advance in age. Older people have been found to need medical care more and make more claims on their insurance. 

Past Medical History

Your medical records can also affect the amount you pay as premiums. Private medical insurers charge individuals with past records of severe health conditions more before the increased risk of them suffering from it again. People with a clean medical record usually pay the least.

Body Mass Index( BMI)

If you have a high body mass index, you are more likely to be charged more. A high body mass index is an indicator that you are liable to suffer from serious diseases like osteoarthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes among many others.

In order to cut costs on health premiums, you should try maintaining a healthy BMI. That way  your money would be saved and health optimized.


The exact location or area you live in Sunderland has an effect on your rates. Different areas have different rating systems; your premium cost would depend on the area you fall under.

Occupation, family history, lifestyle (smoking and drinking) and your preferred plan are other factors that influence how much your premium would cost.

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Services Offered By Private Health Providers In Sunderland

Private health providers do not usually provide coverage for chronic and pre-existing medical treatments. They only cover acute health conditions that have a limited-term for treatment. Services they offer include;

  1. Consultations with specialists
  2. Physiotherapy
  3. Quick access to diagnosis and treatment
  4. Surgery
  5. Vaccinations and travel services
  6. Health checks and fitness packages
  7. Clinical psychology
  8. Private general practice
  9. Dietician services

Some Private Health Providers In Sunderland

Here is a list of some private health providers that offer affordable health insurance;

  1. Spire Sunderland Clinic
  2. Sunderland Royal Hospital
  3. NHS Sunderland CCG
  4. Helping Hands Home Care
  5. St. Bede Medical Centre
  6. Sunderland Medical Hospital
  7. City Care
  8. Healthwatch Sunderland

In Conclusion

Both private health and public health have their merits and demerits but understanding your needs and preferences would help you make good decisions.

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