Affordable Health Insurance In Suffolk

Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Suffolk

As a resident. it is possible for you to get affordable health insurance in Suffolk. Health insurance is a very important purchase. It pays for your medical bills and expenses whenever you fall ill, thereby protecting your health and finances from damages.

We have provided some tips to help you in your search for affordable health insurance in Suffolk.

Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Suffolk

You can access health insurance from two sources; public healthcare service and private health insurance. They both have their pros and cons. Let us consider the public health service.

Public Health Service In Suffolk

Public healthcare in Suffolk is provided by NHS England (National Health Service). NHS is a public funded service that provides free healthcare services to all individuals living in the country. 

NHS, founded in 1948 is run by the Department of Health and was established to provide free and comprehensive healthcare to all not regarding age, race, gender, marital status, religion, pregnancy or maternity.

The NHS is ranked as the best, safest and most affordable health service in the world. Her core principles are to provide healthcare service free at the point of delivery, to also provide comprehensive care based on clinical need, not ability to pay and to meet the healthcare needs of the people.

Accessing The NHS In Suffolk

Even though public healthcare is free to all, you need to register in order to have access. To register, visit any medical centre or hospital close to you. 

There, your registration would be processed and you would be assigned to a general practitioner and a medical card would be issued to you. 

Contained in the medical card is your NIN(National Insurance Number). The NIN is a unique number that grants you access to free medical care under the NHS.


A general practitioner (GP) is a general practice doctor that is able to treat all ailments and refers patients to medical centres or hospitals when they need specialist treatment.

Services Offered By NHS In Suffolk

With a view of health as a right, the NHS provides an extensive coverage of healthcare services to the people concerned, which in this case is Suffolk. These services range from free consultations to surgeries and maternity services. They include;

  1. Eye tests
  2. Dental tests
  3. Treatment at Accident and Emergency services (A & E)
  4. Consultations with your GP/nurse
  5. Hospital stays and treatment
  6. Surgery
  7. Minor injury treatment at clinics
  8. Sexual health Services and contraception
  9. Pregnancy/ maternity services
  10. Specialist treatment when referred by your GP

Services Not Offered By The NHS In Suffolk

Certain healthcare services are not covered by the NHS and they require a fee. They include;

  1. Prescriptions. 

Although prescriptions are paid for, they have a fixed price regardless of the quantity and type you need for treatment. The current prescription charge is 9GBP, which equals 11.50USD.

  1. Eye care(glasses and contact lenses)
  2. Dental care
  3. Travel service and vaccinations
  4. Wig and fabric support
  5. Accident/sickness insurance certificate

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Other Health Services Offered By Public Healthcare

Your GP is your first point of contact when you need medical care but not all ailments or distresses require you to call the doctor. You can get help from other services provided outside the walls of the hospital or medical centres.


Pharmacies are shops where medicinal drugs are sold. Pharmacists are not only qualified to dispense drugs but are also able to give sound medical advice on minor health conditions. Minor conditions like heartburns, skin rashes, and headaches do not necessarily require a prescription from a doctor.

Call The Helpline
The helpline, NHS 111 is open 24 hours a day to receive distress calls from people. The helpline provides medical help when you are in need of it and advice on how you can handle your medical condition.
Sexual Health Services and Contraception

This is also a free healthcare service offered by the NHS. if you want to get tested for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) or need contraceptive advice, you can visit any of the sexual medical centres.

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Disadvantages Of The NHS

There is no question about the advantages of the NHS. The extent to which it provides its coverage, all at a free cost is just outstanding. However, there are some drawbacks associated with it.

The most prominent one is the long waiting lists. The public health service has long waiting times and this can be a burden because you may not get healthcare services as soon as you need them. 

Secondly, consultations with your GP are generally short. They last about 8-10minutes. This time frame is usually not enough to get all the medical care and attention you require from your doctor.

And lastly,  you cannot see a specialist e.g gynaecologist or paediatrician without a referral from your GP and it is unlikely to get same day appointments. This is a major drawback in cases of emergency.

Private Health Insurance In Suffolk

Private health insurance is an alternative for the public healthcare service. Unlike the public service, private health insurance requires payment and it’s usually expensive.

With private health, you get access to better health infrastructures, quick access to treatment and you also have more control over the services you receive.

Many residents opt for private health to enjoy these benefits as it overcomes the shortcomings of public healthcare.

However, unlike the public health service, private health providers in Suffolk use a number of factors to determine how much you pay for health insurance. These factors determine if you’d pay less or more.

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Factors Affecting Health Insurance Costs In Suffolk

The factors that influence your premium costs include the following;


Health insurers charge you according to your age. Your premium increases as you age. The reason is that older people are more likely to need healthcare services and so would make more claims on their insurance.

Body Mass Index( BMI)

The body mass index is a measure of your weight to height. A high body mass indicates that you are of an unhealthy weight and it is, in most cases, detrimental to health. Health providers charge individuals with a high body mass more for insurance.


The area you live in can also affect your cost. Health insurers do not charge all areas equally. So your premium cost would also be determined by the rating area you fall under.

Past Medical Record

Many health providers would require you to declare your past medical history. If you have suffered from chronic health conditions in the past you’re more likely to pay more.

Family history, lifestyle (smoking and drinking), profession and your chosen benefits are some other factors that determine how much your premium would cost.

Services Offered By Private Health Providers In Suffolk

Health insurance providers do not provide coverage for terminal or chronic illnesses, only acute conditions with a short term for treatment.

  1. Consultations with specialists
  2. Quick access to diagnosis and treatment
  3. Physiotherapy
  4. Surgery
  5. Travel vaccinations
  6. Health checks and fitness packages
  7. Clinical psychology
  8. Private general practice
  9. Dietician services

Some Private Health Providers In Suffolk

In Suffolk, there are many private health providers where you can buy private health plans.

Some of them include;

  1. Anglia Care 
  2. Suffolk Homecare
  3. AHP Suffolk, Riverside Clinic
  4. Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital

In Conclusion

The public healthcare service provided by the NHS is generally the most affordable health service in Suffolk but if you need more health services, that the NHS does not offer, you can purchase private health.

Getting affordable health insurance in Suffolk depends on your needs, preferences and the risk factors involved.

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