Affordable Health Insurance In Southampton

Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Southampton

Southampton is famous for the National Health Service, which provides Affordable Health Insurance In Southampton when needed.  Southampton is considered one of the happiest cities to work in the UK. It is a city not only full of history but is also one of the most active commercial points in the south of the country.

During the last thirty years, the city has been the protagonist of important growth. Mainly among the students who each year join its two important universities.

As a place of residence, the city of Southampton has much to offer. Located approximately 110 kilometres southwest of London, Southampton has received a large number of immigrants in recent years. About 10% of the population is of Polish origin, while the other important communities are those of Irish and Asian origin.

It is the closest town to the New Forest National Park and is located at the mouth of the Test and Itchen Rivers.

It is known, as we have said, for its great port. The historical place from which, in addition, the famous Titanic departed.

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Affordable Health Insurance In Southampton

Southampton’s health system complies with the country’s characteristic quality of service regulations.

European citizens can receive free emergency medical care by presenting the European Health Card. But, once settled in the city and with your Social Security Number (NIN), it is best to officially register at a medical centre and receive any type of medical attention.

Some of the most recommended medical centres and hospitals in the city are:

  • University Hospital Southampton – Located on Tremona Road.
  • Spire Southampton Hospital –Chalybeate CI
  • Royal South Hants Hospital – Brintons Terrace

Remember: The emergency number in the UK is 999 or 112

What Cover Does The Affordable Health Insurance In Southampton provide?

The NHS provides all kinds of health care services free of charge, as long as you are considered a resident. This includes a wide range of medical conditions and treatments, such as:

  • treatment for minor injuries in clinics;
  • maternity services;
  • sexual health services and contraception;
  • consultations with your GP and nurse;
  • treatment at accident and emergency (A&E);
  • if referred by your GP, treatment with a specialist.

While most medical services provided by the NHS are free, there are some exceptions that you will have to pay for, including:

  • Medication prescriptions.
  • Dental treatment or examination.
  • Eye exams.

Some NHS services are available to everyone, including non-UK residents. These include:

  • Emergency treatments (although there are health care costs for emergency surgeries) at NHS hospitals.
  • Family planning services (excluding abortions and infertility treatment)
  • Treatment of infectious diseases.
  • Treatment of physical or mental conditions caused by torture, female genital mutilation, domestic violence, or sexual violence.
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How to Access the Affordable Health Insurance In Southampton

Once you’ve registered with the NHS, a GP (general practitioner) is your first go-to for most medical issues. You have the legal provision to choose your GP. You may go about this in different ways; for example, you can ask people you trust for recommendations or you can do work of researchIng online. 

A General Practitioner practice cannot refuse you, unless they have reasonable grounds, such as lacking the needed capacity to take you on board. You can change practice if you deem it necessary, without providing any reasons. Registration is done at the GP by completing a GMS1 form.

To do this, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Proof of address (e.g. utility bill, etc.)
  • Valid ID (e.g. passport, national identity card, etc.)

Appointments with the GP usually last around 10 minutes. They will give you a referral if you need specialized treatment. For emergency care, you can go directly to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department of NHS hospitals.

Deficiencies of the NHS

  • The consultation time with the general practitioner is considered to be too short (the consultation duration is ten minutes on average) and in general only one medical problem is treated per consultation.
  • It is necessary to be recommended by the general practitioner to consult any specialist including the gynaecologist and the paediatrician.
  • Waiting times can be several weeks or even months to see a specialist or be admitted to the hospital.
  • The quality of care and treatment you receive may depend on where you live.
  • Common rooms in the hospital lack privacy.

Do You Need Private Health Insurance in Southampton?

Public health care in Southampton is funded by taxpayers and is regarded as one of the best, safest and cheapest health care systems in existence. You may be wondering why you should consider private health insurance on top of what the NHS offers.

If you intend to stay in Southampton longer and sign up for free NHS healthcare, there are still a few reasons to consider taking out private treatment cover:

  • If you think you may need treatment or service not covered by the NHS for free, such as dental care or specialist medicine.
  • If you want to see doctors or specialists without the long waiting times of most NHS services (currently even longer due to coronavirus).
  • If you prefer to choose which doctor or hospital to go to for any procedure or treatment, or even access medicines and treatments that are not usually available on the NHS.
  • You will probably want second opinions or more tests to make sure you have considered all options before receiving treatment.
  • If you want to have the peace of mind of knowing that you can receive a bed in a private hospital and have visited 24 hours a day.

In short, private health insurance allows immigrants to access UK private health care and have more control over their medical treatment needs.

One Way to Reducing Cost of Private Health Insurance

Standardized Hospital List

Most insurers offer a standard hospital list which covers a wide range of hospitals throughout the UK.

Nonetheless, there are then options to either increase or reduce that hospital list depending on your requirements.

Options to reduce the hospital list can often include a local hospital list limiting the hospitals in which treatment can be received. Some insurers go as far as offering hospital lists which limit you to private wings of NHS hospitals.

With all of these alternatives, it is imperative to understand the cover provided by each and the cost of that particular benefit before making any decisions on changing cover to reduce your monthly premiums.

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