Affordable Health Insurance In Dungannon

Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Dungannon

There are ways you can get affordable health insurance in Dungannon. Although it might look tedious at first it is feasible.

Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Dungannon

There are two ways individuals living in Dungannon get health insurance. It is either they make use of the public health service available to all or they buy private insurance policies. Depending on what your needs are, with some help you would be able to find the most affordable health insurance.

Let’s take a look at the Public Health Service

Public Healthcare Service In Dungannon

Public Healthcare in Dungannon as well as other parts of Northern Ireland is provided by the Health and Social Care Services(HSC). 

The HSC is a publicly funded healthcare system founded in 1988 that provides free health and social care services to all individuals living in Dungannon at the point of use.

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HSC in Northern Ireland is one of the best in the world. It offers very comprehensive coverage of health and social care services at no cost making it the cheapest health service since it is funded by general taxation and not insurance.

In Dungannon, health and social care services are available to people living in the city and who are deemed to be ordinarily residents ( that is living voluntarily and settled ).

Non-residents or visitors also are entitled to free treatment (mainly medical emergencies) but to a limited amount.  It’s always good to ask before you receive treatments, where possible.

Factors like age, gender, disability, marriage or civil partnership, religion, pregnancy or maternity or race do not affect your accessibility to the services provided.

In order to make use of the services provided, you’d have to register as an HSC patient and be assigned to a General Practitioner (GP).

Once registered, you’d be given a medical card for identification. The medical card contains your personal National Insurance Number, NIN. This number allows you to benefit from health, retirement and unemployment insurance. 


A general practitioner (GP) is a general practice doctor who focuses on preventive care and refers patients to hospitals and other medical centres for specialist treatment. He does not specialise in any particular field of medicine but has a medical practice that allows him to treat acute and chronic illnesses.

The Health and Social Care services are great no doubt as it reduces the cost of healthcare to the barest minimum and provides you wide coverage. 

Services Provided  By Health and Social Care Service In Dungannon

HSC Northern Ireland provides a comprehensive health and social care in Dungannon; from free ambulance rides to consultations to hospital treatment and hospital stays.

Below are listed, some services offered by the HSC;


  • Dental tests
  • Eye tests
  • Free prescriptions
  • Ambulance rides
  • appointments/consultations/ medical advice from your general practitioner(GP)
  • Specialist treatment when referred by your GP
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Local pharmacies
  • Surgery
  • Home care services
  • Family and children’s services
  • Daycare services
  • Social work services
  • sexual health services
  • contraception advice
  • pregnancy/ Maternity services

Services Not Covered By HSC In Dungannon

There are a few exceptions in the HSC where you are required to pay a charge for treatment. They are;

  • Eye care treatment i.e glasses and contact lenses
  • Dental Treatment
  • Travel vaccinations


Other Health Services Offered By Public Health Service In Dungannon

In Fort William, there are some services made available where you can access healthcare without needing to see a doctor. Minor ailments can be solved through them. They include;

  • Pharmacies

There are countless pharmacies in Dungannon. Pharmacists are medical professionals, qualified to give sound medical advice on minor health conditions that do not require a prescription from a doctor and you can also get medications from them.


  • The Helpline

The helpline is always open 24/7. You can call whenever you’re in medical distress and you will be able to speak to trained personnel who will give you instructions on what to do next.

  • Sexual health services and contraception also are free. You can visit any sexual health centre when you want to get tested for STIs or seek contraception advice. 

Private Health Service In Dungannon

Even though the public health service in Dungannon offers exceptional service, some individuals still prefer private health.

Some reasons are because they want to have personalised medical care, they want to have more control over the treatments they are given, they want to avoid the long waiting lists that come with the public service or they were offered private health by their employer.

While private health comes with great and enticing benefits, you should know that they are usually expensive. Also, private health insurance providers make use of some factors to ascertain how much an individual pays a premium.

Some Factors Affecting Health Insurance Costs In Dungannon

Some factors used by health insurers include the following;


This is an important determinant used by health providers. Usually, the cost of premium increases as you age. Older people tend to need healthcare services more and therefore would make more claims on their insurance. So they are charged more to secure their health.

Past Medical History

Individuals with a past medical history of chronic or severe health conditions are usually charged more for health insurance. The reason is that they are at a higher risk of being sick again and would need proper care. Healthier people with clean records are usually charged the least.


Where you live Dungannon also plays a role in determining your premium costs. 

Some other factors include profession, chosen benefits,  weight,  family history and lifestyle factors( smoking and alcohol consumption).

Services Offered By Private Health Providers In Dungannon

Typically, private medical insurance does not provide coverage for severe or pre-existing medical conditions but for acute health conditions that have a limited-term for the treatment

Below are some services offered by private health providers in Dungannon;

  1. Easy and fast  access to scans, diagnoses and treatments
  2. Consultations with specialists
  3. Private general practice
  4. Surgeries (including cosmetic surgery)
  5. Vaccinations and travel service
  6. Fitness packages and health checks
  7. Dietician services
  8. Physiotherapy  
  9. Clinical Psychology

Some Private Health Providers In Dungannon

Here are some private health providers in Dungannon;

  1. Bupa Dental Care Dungannon
  2. A B & C Insurance
  3. Absolute Protection NI

In Summary

The first step to getting affordable health insurance in Dungannon is to understand your needs and preferences and then access the risk factors involved. After this, you can decide which policy best suits you.

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