Affordable Health Insurance In Dundee

Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Dundee

Are you a newcomer and looking for ways to get affordable health insurance in Dundee? Typically the most affordable way is through the public health care service. 

 The Majority of people living in the city use public healthcare as it provides very extensive coverage at minimum costs.

Ways To Get Affordable Health insurance In Dundee

You can get health insurance in two ways; either through the public healthcare service or by purchasing private health. 

Through The Public health service

Dundee is the fourth-largest city in Scotland with an estimated population of 148,820 people and free public healthcare services are provided to all residents by the NHS – National Health Service.

Founded in July 1948, the NHS is funded by general taxation and not based on insurance. This service does not require a charge at the time of use and is not concerned with pre-existing health conditions.

To be able to access healthcare services provided by the NHS, you need to be registered as an NHS patient at the nearest medical centre and be assigned a Scottish General Practitioner (GP).

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A GP or general practitioner is a primary care physician who focuses on preventive care, treats acute and chronic illnesses, and refers patients to hospitals and other medical centres for urgent and specialist treatment.

Once registered, you will be given a Medical Card which would contain your personal National Insurance Number (NIN). The  NIN is your unique number for identification which allows you to benefit from health, unemployment and retirement insurance.

Services Provided  By National Health Service In Dundee

In Dundee, the National Health Service provides comprehensive health coverage to all individuals. It covers everything from GP appointments to free hospital treatments, hospital stays, surgery and ambulance rides.   

Non-residents in Dundee are also entitled to free healthcare services provided that they did not travel specifically to receive free treatment.


Some Services Provided By The NHS Are Listed Below;

  • Dental examinations
  • Eye examinations
  • prescriptions
  • consultations/ medical advice from your general practitioner(GP)
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Local pharmacies
  • surgeries
  • sexual health services and contraception
  • Maternity services
  • Treatment with a specialist when referred by your GP

It is important to note that the NHS, will not  deny you access to the free healthcare services based on;

  1. Age
  2. Race
  3. Sex
  4. Marriage
  5. Religion
  6. Disability
  7. Sexual orientation
  8. Gender reassignment
  9. Pregnancy or maternity

While the NHS provides most healthcare services for free, there are some services that require you to pay some amount ( a regulated fee) to be able to have access. They include;

  • Eye treatment( glasses and contact lenses)
  • dental treatment
  • Travel vaccinations



Other Health Services Offered By Public healthcare

Some minor ailments do not need you to call your general practitioner or book appointments. Some services available in Dundee can help you in cases like this.

  • Pharmacists are trained medical professionals that can give advice on minor health conditions like stomach aches, minor burns, and sore throats that do not require a prescription 
  • In events where you have an urgent medical condition, which is not life-threatening, you can call the helpline; NHS 111 and you will be able to speak to a trained adviser who will direct you on what to do next.
  • In Dundee, residents are also entitled to free sexual health services. You can visit any sexual health centre to get tested for sexually transmitted infections and for contraception advice.

Private Health Insurance In Dundee

There is no doubt that the NHS offers exceptional health services in Dundee, but depending on your needs and preferences, you may decide to opt for a private health plan. 

Many individuals who choose to go for private health usually do it to either avoid the long waiting times that come with the NHS or they want to have more control over the treatment they receive or they were offered private health by their employees. 

However, if you choose to use a private health policy, bear in mind that it is usually pricey.

Private health insurance typically covers acute medical conditions ( sudden health conditions that have a limited-term for treatment) and not chronic or severe health conditions. Also, your health insurance doesn’t cover your pre-existing medical conditions.

Services Offered By Private Health Providers In Dundee

In Dundee, private health providers offer the following services:

  1. Rapid access to scans and investigations
  2. Consultations with specialists
  3. Private general practice
  4. Surgical procedures
  5. Vaccinations and travel service
  6. Clinical psychology
  7. Fitness packages and health checks
  8. Physiotherapy and dietician

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Private Health Insurance In Dundee

The amount you pay on premiums depends on your healthcare provider, what is covered in your policy, your state of health and other factors. Here we’ve highlighted some factors that play crucial roles in determining your premium cost.


Age is a significant factor used by health insurance providers to determine premium costs. Older people are charged more for health insurance. You are more likely to claim on your insurance as you get older. Private health service providers calculate your premiums based on your age.

Your Medical History

Private health insurers do not cover pre-existing medical conditions, but those conditions are usually an indicator that you’re at a higher risk of developing further problems and this can cause your premiums to increase significantly.


Your Family History 

If your family members have suffered from severe health conditions, this could suggest that you are likely to as well and this can significantly cause your premiums to increase.  

Lifestyle factors

Lifestyle behaviours or factors including smoking habit, drinking and your body mass index can all affect the premium you pay. 

Where You Live

Sad but true, some areas carry a higher premium cost for private health treatment than others. 

Private Health Insurers In Dundee

  1. Marsh Commercial
  2. Tayside complete health
  3. Strathtay Insurance Brokers
  4. Bupa Dental Care Dundee

In Conclusion

The best way to get the most affordable health insurance in Dundee is to have a clear understanding of your needs and preferences, assess your risk factors involved and then compare quotes from different health insurance providers( that is if you choose private health). This way you’d be able to know which health insurance( public or private) is best for you.

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