Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Mississippi

Purchasing health insurance is important, without a doubt. But getting one that suits your needs and preferences without breaking the bank is golden.

In Mississippi, you are required to have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) law. There are a variety of ways you can obtain health insurance in Mississippi. 

Most residents get coverage from their employers as part of their benefits. The employer pays some part of their premiums and offers his employees different plans to choose from.

You could also purchase health insurance directly from private insurance providers or through a broker or agent.

Another way you can get coverage is from government-provided health care programs. These healthcare programs are the cheapest among other programs or plans but they are not available to everyone. You can check to see if you qualify.

Below is a breakdown of these programs, detailing the coverage each program offers and those who are eligible:


This program is designed to provide coverage for the elderly (65 and above) and individuals with certain disabilities.

This program is not entirely free like the Medicaid program. It requires policyholders to pay some amount for coverage, however, it is more affordable compared to private health insurance.

Medicare is comprised of three parts:

Part A 

This part is called hospital insurance and it’s premium free. It pays for hospital stays, hospice care, care in nursing facilities, and home healthcare services. 

Part B

This is the medical insurance. It covers necessary medical supplies, preventive services, outpatient care, and some doctor’s services. Premiums for this part are dependent on your income.  

Part D

Also known as prescription drug coverage, Part D covers prescription drugs and recommended vaccines. Premiums depend on the insurance plan you choose.

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This program is provided by the government and it offers free health insurance to qualified persons. This program is available to individuals and families with extremely low income( well below the poverty level), people with disabilities, and occasionally pregnant women.

Factors That Affect Rates Of Premium Costs In Mississippi

Health insurance providers in Mississippi use different factors to calculate how much your monthly premiums would cost. These factors have a significant effect; they can either raise your premiums or lower them. Below is a detailed explanation of some of these factors:


This factor plays a key role in determining your premium cost. The amount you pay for premiums is directly proportional to your age. The older you get, the higher premiums you pay.

Many young people are healthy and the tendency for them to need medical care is low. This cannot be said for older individuals who stand at a higher risk of needing medical care and so they pay more on health insurance.

Tobacco Use /Smoking Habit

Compared to non-smokers, smokers pay high rates on health insurance. Health care providers charge smokers in Mississippi higher because of the increased risk of contracting some chronic diseases.

Smokers are liable for diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, type 2 diabetes, lung disease, cancer, and so on.

As a smoker in Mississippi looking for ways to save money on premiums, you should consider quitting the habit. That way you’d be achieving two things: firstly, you save some extra cash on premiums, and secondly, you would be improving your health.

Body Mass Index

Residents in Mississippi having a high BMI may be charged more on health insurance. The body mass index is a measure of an individual’s weight to height and it’s used in calculating body fat and screening for the weight that could cause health problems.

A high BMI is unhealthy and can lead to diseases like osteoarthritis, breast cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. 

You can cut costs on premiums by maintaining a healthy BMI; this would also ameliorate your health.

Past Medical History

Healthcare providers in Mississippi access your past medical records. If you’ve had pre-existing illnesses or you’ve been suffering from a disease, you may be charged more on health insurance.


Occupation is also an important factor that is also considered when deciding your premium rate. Our workplaces expose us to different levels and types of hazards and dangers.  

Health insurance companies weigh risks before allocating a price to you. For instance, people who work on construction sites would pay more for health insurance compared to salesmen.


Where you live also affects your rates. Usually, most populated areas are charged more on health insurance. In Mississippi, counties fall under different rating areas. These rating areas determine your premium cost.

Other elements that contribute to determining your rates include the type of plan you choose, coinsurance features, and policy duration.

Private Health Insurance on the Mississippi Insurance Marketplace

Mississippi insurance marketplace uses a metal tier system to categorize plans. The metal tier includes bronze, expanded bronze, silver, and gold. Each individual tier offers different coverage and has varying premiums and out-of-pocket maximums and deductibles.


The bronze tier is the lowest and cheapest tier available in the Mississippi marketplace. Although it has the lowest monthly premiums, it also has the highest out-of-pocket maximums and deductibles.

It offers coverage of up to 60% of your medical expenses while you pay 40%. This plan is good for young and healthy individuals who rarely visit the doctor and need medical care.

Expanded Bronze

These plans cost a little more than bronze plans and have a little less out-of-pocket maxes. It was introduced to extend the coverage of the bronze plan. While the bronze plan covers 60% of your medical cost, expanded bronze covers up to 65%.


The Silver tier is an ideal place to start your search for health insurance in Mississippi. It provides a balance between the high out-of-pocket costs of the bronze and expanded bronze and the high monthly premiums of the gold plan. 

Its average premiums are good for people who have moderate medical needs. The silver tier pays up to 70% of your medical expenses. This plan also qualifies for cost-sharing reductions and premium tax credits that reduce your premiums.


This tier is the most expensive in terms of monthly premiums. They offer more coverage and have the lowest out-of-pocket maximums and deductibles.

If you visit the doctor frequently need regular medical care and attention and have expensive prescriptions, this plan may be ideal for you. The gold plan covers up to 90% of your medical costs in Mississippi.

Most Affordable Health Insurance In Mississippi By County

Mississippi has 82 counties and these counties are divided into 6 rating areas. Rating areas are used by health insurance companies to calculate premiums. Consequently, each region would be having varying rates.

Hinds County is the most populous county in Mississippi and the most affordable option for a silver plan is Molina Healthcare’s Constant Care Silver 2 policy. It costs $459 per month on average.


Most Affordable Health Insurance In Mississippi With High Out-of-Pocket Maxes

Young residents in Mississippi with good health may go for plans with low monthly premiums and high out-of-pocket maximums in order to save some cash. It is good to keep in mind that in the event of emergencies, you would be paying more out of pocket.

The most affordable health insurance in Mississippi with high out-of-pocket maxes and low premiums for 26-year-olds is Core Care Bronze 2 from Molina Healthcare. It costs $328 per month.

Most Affordable Health Insurance In Mississippi With Low Out-of-Pocket Maximums

Plans with low out-of-pocket maximums may be ideal for you if you expect high medical costs. Recurring visits to the doctor and prescriptions would help you hit your maximum out-of-pocket limit faster and allow your insurer to begin covering your medical costs.

The most affordable option in Mississippi for residents in search of a plan with the lowest out-of-pocket maximum is Ambetter Secure Care 5 from Ambetter from Magnolia Health. A 40-year-old man pays $643 per month.

Most Affordable HMO Health Insurance Plan In Mississippi

Your needs and preferences should be paramount when you’re looking for the perfect plan. Presently, the Mississippi healthcare insurance marketplace only offers HMO (Health Maintenance Organisation) plans. 

With HMO you are required to stay within your provider network( exceptions are made when there is an emergency) and also get a referral when you want to see a specialist.

The most affordable HMO Silver Plan is Constant Care Silver 2 offered by Molina Healthcare costing $463 per month.

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