Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Kansas

Are you in New Kansas? Are you in search of an affordable health insurance plan?

Well, search no more. We are here to provide you with the answers you seek.

Do you know that Kansas state has the second-lowest-cost of living in the US and most residents in Kansas have their health insured? Well, yeah.  Kansas has a low cost of living and the majority of the population has health insurance which is cool and smart.

The cost of health insurance in Kansas is slightly higher than the national average. Health insurance premiums have continued to increase over the years. The reason is that doctors and nurses are paid more and also the costs of pharmaceutical products have continued to increase.

Nonetheless, securing your health is very important and not having health insurance coverage is a risky gamble. The main objective of health insurance policies is to protect you and your finances from great losses in the event of any serious health condition.

Health insurance providers in Kansas consider some factors when determining the amount your premium would cost. 

Some Factors That Affect Your Health Insurance Premium Cost

Below, we highlighted some factors that can affect your monthly premiums on health insurance. These factors can either raise your premiums or lower them significantly. They include:


Age is a major determinant of how much you pay for health insurance in Kansas. Health insurance providers use a rule of thumb – the older you get, the higher your premium. Younger people are less likely to have chronic health conditions while the older ones are at a higher risk of falling sick. Older people tend to pay more for health insurance.

 Smoking habit/ Tobacco use

The use of tobacco or smoking is detrimental to health. Smoking exposes an individual to a lot of health challenges like lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, tuberculosis, problems of the immune system and rheumatoid arthritis. Health insurance providers consider smokers as high risk and charge them higher premiums. 

As a smoker in Kansas looking for ways to cut costs, you should consider quitting the habit. It not only saves you money on your premium but also improves your health which is most important.

Body Mass Index

The BMI is used to calculate a person’s body fat and to see if an individual is of healthy weight. Having a high body mass index is unhealthy and increases your chances of contracting some illnesses like type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, breast cancer, high blood pressure(hypertension) and even depression. Typically, health insurance companies would have to charge high premiums to secure their health.

You can, however, manage this factor by maintaining a healthy body mass index. This will save you on monthly premiums and also boost your health.

Past Medical History

This also plays a role in deciding the costs of your premiums. If you are having a pre-existing illness or you have a history of suffering from a disease, your premium would be higher. But if you haven’t suffered from any chronic disease, you would be charged less.


Health insurance providers weigh risks when deciding how much your premium would cost. At our workplaces, we are exposed to different dangers and hazards. However, these dangers have levels. A man working at a construction site is more likely to sustain an injury compared to a teacher working at a school. And so, the man would be charged higher for health insurance.


Areas or counties lacking healthy food options, having poor climate and health conditions are likely to pay more on health insurance.

Other factors that affect premium costs are the type of plan you choose, policy duration and coinsurance features.

Purchasing Health Insurance In Kansas

Residents in Kansas can either purchase their health insurance through a broker or agent, an insurance company, use the government’s provided marketplace or buy through a membership organisation.

Health insurance providers in Kansas use a 5 metal tier system to categorise and compare available plans. This tier system operates on a design that splits your medical costs with your insurer. These tiers include; Catastrophic, bronze, expanded bronze, silver and gold.

These tiers have varying premiums and out of pocket maximums. Perusing these options when searching for health insurance coverage would help you decide which is best and most affordable for you.

Below is a detailed explanation of each tier and the coverage they offer:

Gold Plans

The gold tier is best for people who expect high medical costs. This plan offers the most expensive monthly premiums and the lowest out of pocket maximums, deductibles, coinsurance and copays. It covers up to 90% of your total medical expenses once you hit your out of pocket maximum and lets you pay 10%. This is usually a cost effective plan for individuals who visit the doctor often, who have expensive prescriptions and require regular medical care and attention. This is the best plan because you wouldn’t be concerned so much on how to pay out of pocket for an unexpected health condition.

Ambetter Secure Care 20 is the most affordable gold plan in Kansas state.

Silver Plans

Silver plans are a good balance between the expensive premiums of the gold plans and the high out of pocket maximums and deductibles of the bronze and catastrophic plans. While shopping for coverage in Kansas, we recommend you start from the Silver tier. The silver plans also qualify for cost sharing reductions(CSR) subsidies and premium tax credits that further lowers your out of pocket expenses if you are of a low income household. The silver plan is best for people with low income and average medical expenses.

 Ambetter Balanced Care 12 is the most affordable silver plan in Kansas. 

Bronze And Expanded Bronze Plans

Bronze and expanded bronze tiers provide an affordable alternative to Silver and Gold tiers. These plans have lower monthly premiums and high out of pocket maximums and deductibles. While the bronze plan covers up to 60% of your medical expenses, the expanded bronze covers up to 35% leaving you to pay the rest out of pocket. Although they have cheap monthly premiums, you would have to pay more out of pocket if you have a medical care need before your coverage kicks in. The bronze plans are available to everyone but are best for young people.

Ambetter Essential Care 1 is the most affordable bronze plan in Kansa.

Catastrophic Plans

The catastrophic plan is the lowest tier and has the lowest monthly premiums among all other tiers. While the premiums are the cheapest, the out of pocket deductibles are the most. However, catastrophic plans are not available to everyone. It is available to only individuals under the age of 30 and those who qualify for a hardship exemption in Kansas. People who are registered under the catastrophic plan cannot use the premium tax credit to reduce their costs.

Medica with Healthier You Catastrophic is the most affordable catastrophic plan in Kansas.

Most Affordable Health Insurance Providers In Kansas

There are five health insurance  providers on the Kansas state marketplace, however, only Medica Insurance Co. is available in every county.

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Inc.
  • Ambetter/Celtic Insurance Co.
  • Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co.
  • Medica Insurance Co.
  • Oscar Insurance Co.

If you are searching for a health insurance provider that offers good rates for different coverage toys or policies, we recommend you start with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas and Celtic Insurance. These companies offer the most affordable Silver health plans in the counties where they are present.

typically provide the cheapest Silver health plan in the counties where they are available.

We hope we have been of help to you. Good luck in your search!

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