Health Insurance In Connecticut 

Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Connecticut

Connecticut is the 3rd smallest state in the US, and is home to over 3.5 million people. 

Only about 5% of the total population in Connecticut have their health uninsured. 

While 35% of the population are insured through the government provided health plans; Medicaid and Medicare, over half of the population, are insured through their employers. 

It is risky to go without health insurance. Medical bills and prescription bills from an illness or accident can put you in a severe financial crisis. 

Health insurance is a very important purchase. It protects your finances from great losses when you’re faced with health challenges. 

There are several factors however that health insurance providers consider when charging you for premiums. 

Age, geographical location, past medical history, type of plan you purchase, smoking, body mass index, tobacco use etc. These factors determine how much you pay for your health insurance in Connecticut. 

You can save money on your premiums if you are able to manage some of these factors. For example:

  1. Smoking

Smoking in general puts the body at a greater risk of severe health complications like cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) , diabetes, lung disease etc. This is an added risk to your health and can make your monthly premium high. 

The best policy, in this case, is to quit smoking for the safety of your own health and as an additional benefit, you get to save more on your health premiums. 

  1. Body Mass Index

Individuals having a high body mass index are also at a higher risk of getting sick. They are more likely to have health complications like cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, hypertension, type 2 diabetes etc. For this reason, they could pay higher premiums to insure their health. 

Being able to maintain a healthy body mass index(BMI) is good not only for your finances alone but most importantly, your health. 

The Affordable Care Act(ACA) 

Signed into law in March 2010 by President Barack Obama, the Affordable Care Act is a health reform that includes a number of Healthcare policies intended to extend access to health insurance to millions of uninsured citizens. 

The Affordable Care Act otherwise called Obamacare was designed with the intent to reduce the cost of health insurance for those who qualify for it. 

While searching for affordable health insurance in Connecticut, you can purchase Obamacare through the Health Insurance Marketplace. 

Obamacare plans are a good option if you have a chronic health condition. The plans are split into four tiers. They include:


Bronze plans are the cheapest plans with the lowest monthly premiums and higher deductibles. This plan covers 60% of your medical expenses while you pay 40%. This plan was designed to protect you when you have serious injuries or illness. 


The Silver tiers are the next level up. They have moderate monthly premiums and they cover about 70% of your healthcare costs depending on the cost sharing reductions you qualify for. 


The gold plan has a wider coverage and higher monthly premiums. With gold plans, your insurer pays 80% of your Healthcare expenses while you pay 20%. 


 The platinum plan is the  most expensive option. Here your insurance provider pays for 90% of your health expenses, and you pay for only 10%.

The higher the plan you purchase, the lesser amount you spend out of pocket and on deductibles at the event of any health challenge. 

Best Connecticut Health Insurance

Below are some health insurance providers that offer ACA approved plans in Connecticut :

1. Anthem Health Plans

Anthem Health Plans in Connecticut provides health insurance for both individuals and families and they offer ACA approved plans. 

Aside from providing individual and family health plans, Anthem Health Plans also offers term life, dental and vision insurance plans. If you’re in Connecticut and you need this coverage, you should check out Anthem. 

2. UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare is among the largest health insurance companies in the US. Added to the ACA approved plans, they also offer Medicare supplemental plans. They also offer special plans with discounts to self-employed individuals to make their health insurance more affordable. 

With UnitedHealthcare, you can customize your coverage as it offers a comprehensive set of plan tiers and it is also easy to add on dental and vision insurance to your coverage when you shop. 

3 . ConnectiCare

ConnectiCare is a Connecticut based health insurance company that provides really affordable individual and family healthcare plans with a few rare benefits. 

The ConnectiCare plan includes coverage for dental services, vision exams for adults on your plan and visits,depending on the plan you’re on. 

When you’re on a ConnectiCare plan, you pay $0 deductibles for preventive services, like vaccinations and annual check ups. 

4. HealthyCT

HealthyCT is another good health insurance company in Connecticut. Offering a wide range of plans for families, individuals, and employers, HealthyCT’s plans are available with deductibles as low as $1000 for individuals and the plans include PPO coverage at multiple tiers. 

Another Connecticut-based insurance provider, HealthyCT offers a wide range of plans for individuals, families and employers. Its plans include PPO coverage at multiple tiers and plans are available with deductibles as low as $1,000 for individuals.

All plans at HealthyCT include 100% coverage for preventive care, ranging from routine checkups to bloodwork. 

Average Cost of Health Insurance in Connecticut 

On the average, a resident of Connecticut pays about $452 monthly for an individual ACA approved plan. 

For individuals who cannot afford it or earn less, you might qualify for a subsidy through the ACA marketplace. 


Medicare in Connecticut is a health program provided by the government for the elderly and people with disabilities. 

Basic health services like hospital stays, prescription medications and physician services are all included in Medicare. 

Other Medicare services include:

Medicare Part B: 

Medicare Part B covers medical and preventative services like ambulance transportation and medical equipment. 

Medicare Part D: 

This part is an optional benefit you can add to cover your prescription medications. 

Over 296,000 people in Connecticut are enrolled in standalone Part D plans, 385,000 people in Original Medicare, and over 300,000 are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. 


Medicaid is known as HUSKY Health in Connecticut. This health program provides coverage to pregnant women, children, parents, older adults, adults without children, and adults with disabilities with low or limitec incomes. 

Health services like nursing care, hospital stays, lab tests, prescription medications, and medical equipment are all covered under Medicaid. 

However, income restrictions apply. 

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