Health Insurance In Arizona 

Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Arizona

Residents in the Great Canyon state can buy cheap health insurance plans through the state marketplace and low-income households may be eligible for coverage through Arizona’s Medicaid expansion. 

The health insurance marketplace in Arizona offers private health insurance plans that fall into five categories of metal tiers. These tiers determine how much your premium would cost and how much coverage you have. 

They include the catastrophic, bronze, expanded bronze, silver and gold. 


These plans have very high out of pocket maximums and deductibles but they cost you less for the monthly premiums. Catastrophic plans are not available to everyone; you must be below 30 or have hardship or affordability exemptions to be qualified.  It protects the policyholder from injuries and unforeseen illnesses but does not cover or pay for routine medical expenses. 


Premiums on bronze plans are really low compared to other plans but require you to pay more out of pocket and higher deductibles when you need medical attention. Because bronze plans have no standards to meet, they are readily available. If you are on a bronze plan in Arizona, your insurance provider covers 60% of your medical expenses when you hit your out of pocket maximum. 

Expanded Bronze

This health offers the same benefits as the bronze plan but the difference is that is up to 65% of you medical expenses. 


The silver plan premium is cheaper than the gold plan premium but more expensive than the bronze and expanded bronze plans. 

A silver plan is a good option if you qualify for ‘extra savings’  that can save you a lot of money per year. 


The gold tier is considered one of the most expensive metal tiers but has the most coverage. It covers about 80-90% of your medical expenses when your policy kicks in. 

Health insurance providers consider a number of factors when determining the rates you pay for insurance. Age, past medical history, body mass index, tobacco use, smoking habit, geographical location, occupation, the type of plan you choose, policy duration etc. 

All these affect how much you pay for your health insurance. If you want to save on your premiums, it’s best to regulate some of these factors.

For instance, a high body mass index exposes you to risks of having health complications like heart disease or type 2 diabetes. This puts your health at higher risk and health insurance providers will charge you more. 

Maintaining a healthy BMI will not only cost you less on insurance but will also protect your health. 

Medicaid In Arizona

Medicaid is one of the health programs provided by the government in Arizona. It’s available for individuals who earn less than 138% of the federal poverty line. Those that qualify do not pay anything on premiums. For low-income individuals, it is smart and prudent to check if you qualify for Medicaid. 

Medicare In Arizona

Medicare is also another health program provided by the government. It is designed for the elderly(65 and above) and individuals with a disability. 

However, Medicare, unlike Medicaid requires you to pay for coverage. 

Medicare has different parts designed to cover varying services. These include:

Part A

Part A covers medical expenses from in-patient hospital stays hospice care or care in a skilled nursing facility.

Part B: 

Part B covers medical expenses from doctor’s services, medical supplies and outpatient care.

Part D: 

This covers medical expenses from prescription drugs and recommended shots or vaccines.

Individuals living in Arizona that do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid would have to purchase a private plan through Arizona’s Health Insurance Marketplace. 

The Cheapest Health Insurance In Arizona By Metal Tier

The metal tier system is used in Arizona to categorize different health insurance plans and how much coverage they offer. The more valuable metals offer a higher coverage with low out of pocket maximums while the less valuable metals offer lesser coverage with more out of pocket maximums. 

However, the metal tier or plan you are on does not affect the quality of medical care you receive. 

Below are the average monthly costs for the five metal tiers used in Arizona:

  1. Catastrophic: $369
  2. Bronze: $404
  3. Expanded Bronze: $418
  4. Silver: $504
  5. Gold: $669

The cheapest plan for you is dependent on the amount of medical care you need. The Gold plan may be cheaper for some individuals since it has a wider coverage and requires you to pay less out of pocket. 

For individuals who do not visit the doctor often in a year, the bronze or catastrophic plan may be the cheapest for them but would require them to pay more out of pocket whenever they need medical care. 

Silver plans are a great option for families and individuals who qualify for Cost-Sharing Deductions (CSR), since the deductibles are relatively lower. 

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona and the Cigna Healthcare of Arizona Inc. provide the cheapest rates for health insurance in Arizona. 

The Cheapest Health Insurance In Arizona By Age And Metal Tier

Age is a major factor that affects the premiums you pay on health insurance in Arizona. 

In the HMO plans, there is an average difference of about $600 in the price of premiums between 26-year-olds and 60-year-olds. 

A 26-year-old on a silver plan pays an average of $404 monthly while a 60-year-old pays an average of $1,070 monthly for a policy on the same metal tier. 

Premiums on your health insurance are directly proportional to your age. This means that the older you get, the higher your premiums on health insurance. 

Getting a plan from a lower-tier like the bronze or catastrophic, can lower your monthly premiums but will require you to pay higher deductibles. 

Blue Cross  Blue Shield of Arizona, Ambetter from Arizona Complete Health and Bright Health provide great rates for your preferred coverage options. 

The Cheapest Health Insurance in Arizona by County

Where you live affects the rates you pay for insurance. Many states have rating areas that is used by health insurance providers to calculate premiums. 

The 15 counties in Arizona are divided across 7 rating areas.

Maricopa County is Arizona’s most populous County and the cheapest health insurance plan is Oscar Silver Saver 2, has a monthly average premium of $381.

You could buy this plan from Oscar Health Plan Inc.. 

The Cheapest Health Insurance in Arizona With Low Out-of-Pocket Maximums

If you require medical care very often, health insurance plans with low out of pocket maximums is something you should strongly consider. 

Although these plans cost higher monthly premiums, they cover most of your medical expenses, about 80-90%. 

As you continue to pay for your doctor’s visits and prescriptions, you would reach your out of pocket limit sooner and then your insurer steps in and begins to pay for your bills. 

For 40-year-Olds in Arizona, Ambetter from Arizona Complete Health offers the cheapest rates. 

The Cheapest Health Insurance in Arizona With High Out-of-Pocket Maxes

Young people who do not need medical care very often can consider purchasing health plans with high out of pocket maxes in Arizona. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is most affordable for young buyers. 

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