Best Ways To Get An Affordable Car Insurance in Wisconsin

Best Ways To Get An Affordable Car Insurance in Wisconsin

There are more than 4.1 million drivers in Wisconsin. Like most states, Wisconsin requires drivers to have car insurance before they can drive legally.

However, 2018 data from the Wisconsin DoT found that more than 65,000 people, nearly nine per cent of the state’s population, received a citation for being uninsured.

Failure to provide proof of insurance was the third most common offence, behind speeding tickets and driving with a suspended license.

When it comes to shopping for auto insurance, finding the right provider for your needs can be challenging and complex. 

Car insurance is a legal requirement in Wisconsin. Residents must have bodily injury, property damage, and uninsured motorist coverage. Coverage for underinsured motorists, medical expenses, collision and comprehensive coverage is optional.

Best Auto Insurance Companies In Wisconsin

There are several auto insurance providers available to Wisconsin residents noted for their affordable premiums and discount options. These companies offer great prices, a wide range of coverage options, and superior customer service.


Allstate is a trusted auto insurance company that offers a variety of online tools to help customers get quotes, improve their driving and save money on their premiums.

Although more expensive on the list, Allstate offers a list of discounts and package options that can help drivers save on premiums.

Auto-Owners Insurance

We put Auto-Owners Insurance at the top of the list because it’s a great comprehensive insurance company with affordable premiums, top-notch customer service, and a wide variety of coverage options.

Auto-Owners Insurance also offers high customer satisfaction,  superior financial strength, and average rates of $1,306 for comprehensive coverage.


Geico is consistently ranked as one of the best insurance companies for affordable premiums for all demographics, regardless of credit score, driving history, or location.

Geico also ranks as a top insurance company providing excellent customer satisfaction.

Travel insurance

Travelers Insurance is an excellent provider of standard insurance with basic coverage options and a variety of discounts available to customers in Wisconsin. As the insurance company that offers one of the lowest average rates, Wisconsin drivers may overlook its below-average customer satisfaction score.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Wisconsin

The average cost of auto insurance in Wisconsin is $1,178 for comprehensive coverage. This is almost $700 less than the national average of $1,738 for full coverage.

To get a Wisconsin car insurance quote, you’ll need to include your address, the type of vehicle you want to insure (make, model, and year), your gender, marital status, your driving record, and any information about the vehicle that might make you eligible for discounts, like safety features on your car.

Minimum State Insurance Requirements in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin requires all drivers to carry a minimum amount of auto insurance. Wisconsin mandatory policies include bodily injury liability, property damage, and uninsured motorist coverage. Wisconsin follows a typical 25/50/10 insurance requirement, which provides:

$25,000 in coverage per person

$50,000 in coverage per accident

$10,000 for property damage.

What exactly do these numbers mean? In the event of an accident, your policy would cover $25,000 in medical expenses for one passenger or $50,000 for anyone else injured in the accident. The $10,000 in property damage liability would cover the cost of repairs to another vehicle or property, such as a fence, mailbox, or storefront that you might have hit. 

How To Get The Best Car Insurance

Finding the best car insurance for you in Wisconsin will take some time and research.

Not all auto insurance companies are created equal when evaluating your past and present and your needs, you will need to figure out which auto insurance company will work best for your needs.

Your budget is an important factor to consider. You may think that getting the minimum requirements will be enough, but you may want to consider finding auto insurance that offers a full coverage premium within your budget.

Enrolling only in minimal coverage can put you at risk of paying more than double the costs for any no-fault accident. 

Assess Your Individual Needs

Specific situations in your personal life can affect your auto insurance policy, so you’ll want to assess your needs.

Some factors to consider are whether you will buy a house or a boat, need to rent a car, have a teenager driving soon, your accident history, credit score, and others.

These factors can affect which insurance premium is best for you because auto insurance companies offer unique benefits.

For example, if you’re about to buy a home, auto insurance companies like Geico and Progressive will even offer a combined auto and home insurance policy and homeowners discounts.

Consider State Factors

In addition to evaluating your needs, you’ll want to consider your geographic location, such as the state you live in and even your zip code.

Your location will determine whether you will need to have coverage that protects you from heavy snow or rain or features such as crime rates, etc.

Wisconsin is known for heavy snowfall and cold winters with Lake Michigan and Superior giving off colder weather.

Wisconsin drivers can add emergency roadside assistance, 24/7 assistance, and motor protection coverage.

According to the III, Wisconsin ranks 15th with the most uninsured drivers in the nation. With 14.3% of drivers uninsured, you may want to consider uninsured motorist coverage in your coverage plan to protect you from unexpected costs in the event of a no-fault accident.

Auto Insurance Discounts in Wisconsin

Most auto insurance companies offer discounts to help their customers save money on their premiums.

For example, auto owners’ insurance offers discounts for:

  • Paying your policy in full
  • Driving and ensuring an electric or hybrid vehicle
  • Get a quote before the policy start date

Allstate helps drivers save money if:

  • Have security features installed in your cars, such as anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices?
  • You are a student with a B average or a GPA of 2.7 or higher.
  • Insure a new vehicle

Geico offers great savings for customers, including:

  • Be a good driver (5 years without accidents)
  • Being a member of the armed forces or soldiers on an emergency deployment.
  • Wear your seat belt

Travelers Insurance cares about its customers by providing savings for:

  • Insure multiple vehicles
  • Taking an approved driver education course
  • Combination of policies with homeowners or renters insurance

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