Car Insurance in West Virginia

Best Ways To Get An Affordable Car Insurance in West Virginia

There are more than 1.1 million licensed drivers on West Virginia’s roads and more than 40% of households own two cars. The average cost of auto insurance in West Virginia averages $458 per year for state minimum liability coverage and $1,499 per year for comprehensive coverage.

If you’re a West Virginia resident or planning to move to West Virginia shortly, you’re probably wondering what’s the fastest way to shop for the best and cheapest auto insurance rates in the state.

Maybe you’re looking for lower car insurance premiums, or maybe you’ve discovered that 9.2% of drivers in West Virginia don’t have car insurance— either way, it’s important to find an affordable policy that meets your minimum coverage needs. your state.

Auto insurance policies are often inexpensive in West Virginia. The average cost of car insurance in West Virginia is $1,378 per year, 3.4% less than the national average.

By shopping for quotes with multiple auto insurance companies to compare West Virginia rates, drivers can find affordable coverage to meet their needs. Where you live in West Virginia and your driving record are the main factors that determine how affordable your rates are. 

Insurance rates are based on several factors in addition to the vehicle, including where you live and your driving record. Cars with the most safety features tend to have the lowest car insurance rates because they reduce injuries and have more safety features to prevent the temptation of theft. 

Minimum Insurance Limits in West Virginia

$25,000 bodily injury per person 

$50,000 bodily injury per accident 

$25,000 property damage per accident


How to Save on Auto Insurance in West Virginia

In addition to maintaining a clean driving record, there are several ways to save on car insurance in West Virginia:

Driving Record

Maintaining a clean driving record is one way to keep car insurance costs cheap in West Virginia. A driver with a speeding ticket may see an average 17% increase in annual premiums, but that increased amount is more than double for an at-fault accident.

Drivers with a DUI conviction in West Virginia pay an average of 79% more per year for auto insurance than drivers without a DUI.

If you are found to be at fault in an accident or found guilty of a traffic violation, your insurance costs will increase. The more violations you accumulate, the more expensive your car insurance will be. 

Credit Score

Auto insurance companies rely on credit scores to get an idea of ​​how trustworthy a customer will be. Data trends show that drivers with higher credit scores are more reliable auto insurance customers: they file claims covered by insurance companies less often. In the state of West Virginia, a driver who maintains impeccable credit can save $1,207.94 per year on car insurance rates, compared to a driver with a less favourable credit score.

Ask About Discounts – 

Most auto insurance companies offer several discount options to make auto insurance more affordable. If you haven’t recently reviewed your policy, discuss your coverages and discounts with your licensed insurance agent to make sure you’re receiving all the discounts you’re eligible for.

Check Your Mileage:

 If you carpool to work or work from home, you may be able to get a low-mileage discount on your auto insurance. The fewer miles you drive per year, the better the discount savings. 

Consider Buying a New Car:

 If you’re shopping for a new car, consider the safety features offered by different makes and models. Generally, the safer a car is, the less expensive it will be to insure it. Safety features are designed to reduce occupant injuries and deter theft and include anti-lock brakes, automatic seat belts, daytime running lights and built-in alarm features.

Review Coverages:

 If you own an older car, you may be able to drop comprehensive and collision coverage for more savings if the book value is low. Increasing deductibles is another good way to save, but make sure you can pay the higher deductible or get your car repaired if you drop coverage and are involved in an accident.

Shop For Car Insurance

Every year when your car insurance is scheduled to renew, get multiple quotes from different companies to compare. You may be able to save money without changing coverages by simply switching providers.

Experience Behind The Wheel: 

In West Virginia, young, inexperienced drivers will pay more for car insurance. Drivers in the 50s and 60s age groups tend to pay the cheapest rates for car insurance. The more experience you get behind the wheel and the more you avoid tickets and at-fault accidents, the more you can save on car insurance each month in West Virginia.

Car Model

Cars with the most safety features tend to have the lowest car insurance rates because they reduce injuries and have more safety features to prevent the temptation of theft.


One perk of getting married, aside from the honeymoon, is the price cut you can get on your auto insurance policy. In West Virginia, married motorists save $99 each year on auto insurance. This is more than the national average of $76. 

Factors That Affect Premiums Negatively

Adding a Teenage Driver to Your policy: 

Considering deficiency of driving experience and the risk presented by inexperienced drivers. Teenage drivers pay exceptionally exorbitant auto insurance rates.

Teenagers are very likely to be involved in accidents, causing insurers to levy higher rates to make up for claim payouts.

Furthermore, your rate will start dropping as the driver comes of age and develops a track record of reliable driving. In addition, discounts are provided for best student ts and safe driving also assists in providing savings.

Acquiring a Speeding Ticket: 

A speeding ticket usually remains on your driving record for three to five years and may lead to a rate increase for that period.

After that time elapses, the violation will be omitted from your records, and your rate may reduce at your next renewal period. Practising safe driving keeps rates low or qualifies you for other discounts from a few insurers.

Being a high-risk driver: 

High-risk drivers tend to pay the most exorbitant vehicle insurance rates because they are most likely to break out into a claim and payout from the insurer.

Some people might consider high risk drivers if they have been found guilty of making a DUI, and were convicted of carrying around uninsured or even if they have bad credit (in many states).

 If you’re caught up in the high-risk category, it tends to influence the way you shop for cheap car insurance, based on carrier eligibility limitations for coverage or rates that are capable of competition. 

In West Virginia, your first at-fault minor accident results in an additional $726.38 annually in auto insurance payments. A DUI considered one of the most serious driving offences, can increase your insurance rates in West Virginia by an average of $848.26.

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