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HEC Montréal Scholarships

Have you been seeking a scholarship? Hec Montreal is the best place for you.

HEC Montreal university international student scholarships are available to all foreign students at HEC Montreal University. 

Foreign students who try to apply for any of the awards should first determine the type of grant, the specifications for the award, and the time limit for application.

You must also understand the application process for any type of grant you want to apply for, including the documents required for such a grant.

Grants are available to the best foreign students admitted into the M.S.C. program in a monitored project or thesis stream, based on the quality of their enrollment file.

Scholarships are earned upon admission to a course of study. Aids in the recruitment of students with outstanding academic records.

In this article, I would be listing out some of the scholarships available at Hec Montréal.

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1 Boucaro Foundation MSC Entrance Scholarship  For International Students.

The MSC entrance scholarship for international students at the boucaro foundation is available for Masters degrees in Science-related subjects.

The University provides this service, the bursary is available at all times. It is partial funding.

This scholarship is offered by HEC Montréal, Canada, and it’s worth 5000 CAD. This scholarship is open to all nationalities.

2 MBA Scholarship.

The School and its funders award agencies, private firms, professional organizations, foundations, and grad students are committed to encouraging new generations of top-tier professionals and providing MBA scholarships.

The MBA provides a fantastic way to increase your employment prospects in Montréal!

From start to finish, the program is designed to help you develop a useful approach to leadership and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

3. Masters Of Science (MSC) International business Grants. 

HEC Montréal awards nearly $1.6 million in grants and other types of grants to M.Sc. students each year. Through the scholarship grants, you would have

 Effective global market ideas and skills which is required for a professional career in both developed and developing economies.

You would be able to have meaningful knowledge of marketing, strategy, finance, or economics.

You would have the ability to respond adequately to identified hazards and major global changes, such as regulatory developments, investment risk, health, sociocultural, and environmental problems.

You would have skills in global partnerships, corporate social performance, organizational innovation, knowledge, and professional network management.

You would be tutored under a team of multilingual lecturers with strong global experience from a wide variety of countries.

4 Bursary From The  Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute.

This scholarship is part of an effort in trying to promote the highest ethical, educational, and professional standards. Our grants make the CFA policy more accessible and allow more people to advance in their careers.

The University Affiliation Program is made up of higher education institutions that incorporate a major fraction of the CFA scheme, such as the Standards and Guidelines of Professional Conduct, into their syllabus.

You can qualify for a CFA Plan Student Scholarship if you are a scholar at an Allied University. These grants are available at the discretion of your institution’s Director.

As part of a comprehensive scholarship program, most have specified qualifications and criteria.

Eligibility For A CFA Plan Scholarship. 

You must meet the following requirements.

  • You should not be officially enrolled for a CFA Program exam.
  •  Enroll in a university affiliated with the organization.
  •  You should not have to be a student in the affiliated degree course to apply.
  •  Comply with the enrollment requirements

If you are chosen for an award…

The College Scholarship covers the one-time scheme enrollment fee as well as the exam entrance fee, which is reduced to $350 and involves access to the general curriculum and all obtainable study tools. This reduced price ($350) will be displayed during the cash register.

5 Scholarship From Oxford HEC Montréal Alumni.

Jean, an alumnus of both Oxford and HEC Montréal, founded this grant to provide others with the same opportunities he has had. 

As a result, this scholarship allows an HEC Montréal graduate to pursue a postgraduate degree at Oxford Sad. A partnership grant at HEC Montréal will allow an Oxford College graduate to pursue postgraduate studies at HEC Montréal.

The scholarship is worth £53,000. Academic excellence as demonstrated by graduate results, past educational recognition awards and awards, and other educational attainment is the basis for this award.

Criteria For Eligibility Of The Oxford HEC Alumni Scholarship.

  • Students currently enrolled at HEC Montréal or those who have finalized a degree-granting scheme at HEC Montréal.
  • Applicants to some of the  Sad Business School programs. 
  • The scholarship is only available at St Edmund Hall. 

Irrespective of which college you list on your offer admission form, all eligible applicants will be recognized for the academia award. Qualified candidates, however, will be moved to St Edmund Hall to receive the scholarship.

6 IDEOS HEC Montréal Grant Program.

Ideos and its associates offer a variety of scholarships to encourage HEC Montréal graduates to work on projects with non-profit organizations. 

The IDEOS Grant Service’s main mission is to assist research, the formation of pedagogical material properties, and the development of relevant tools in various managerial functions for companies and organizations with social professions. 

These bursaries are intended for undergraduate and graduate students who are approaching the end of their studies and must finish their full research projects. 

These grants are also open to students who are working on a project associated with a social company or social effects as part of their studies.

7 Athletic Funds Scholarship.

Educational achievement is not only the criteria to get a scholarship at Hec Montreal. Students who participate in sports activities and are great sportsmen are also qualified for a scholarship at Hec Montreal.

8 Scholarship For Foreign Exchange Program

Program for Foreign Exchange The scholarship is contingent on the finalization of your study abroad program. 

In the event of a dismissal or termination, the grant must be fully refunded. The number and value of colleges may change based on the regulations of the government grant.

A scholarship is given to a student who has excelled academically and is taking part in the International Exchange Program.

Subvention du gouvernement provides this scholarship.

These grants are willing to serve students who are planning a trip abroad as part of their studies.

Eligibility Requirement For The Foreign Exchange Program Scholarship.

This grant is available to applicants who meet the following criteria.

  • The student must be a Canadian citizen.
  • The scholarship is open to full-time undergraduate and graduate students in any field of study.
  • The student has been invited to take part in the International Exchange Program at HEC Montréal.
  • The student should have a stellar academic record.

9 Masters Graduate Scholarship In Canada.

The scholarship is given to students who plan to continue research-oriented studies at the M. Sc. Scheme in social sciences and have earned a first-class estimate in each of the previous two years. 

The goal of the Canada masters graduates Scholarship scheme is to support students who have demonstrated a high level of excellence in bachelor and early postgraduate programs to create and develop research strategies to enable the coaching of highly skilled professionals.

Scholarships are students helping hand. These scholarships are important to students, who cannot pay for their tuition or have one difficulty or the other in achieving quality education. 

Hec Montrèal is an avenue for students to achieve that. I urge all students of Hec Montrèal to apply for these opportunities.

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