UBC Graduate Scholarship.

UBC Graduate Scholarship.

Are you someone who wishes to study in another country? Is your wallet not so accommodating to your desires?! You’re in for a real treat now.

 There’s some excellent news for everyone out there! At the University of British Columbia, you can apply for an international university scholarship through a variety of government agencies or colleges. 

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 Why Study At University Of British Columbia?

  • University of British Columbia is a world-class learning and education institution that is frequently ranked in the top 20 public universities across the world.
  • It’s among the top Universities In the World in 2020. 
  • Over 300 graduate degree programs and 2200 research directors are available at UBC. 
  • Over the course of your degree, UBC concentrates on your performance and provides dozens of continuing education events and career sessions.

Scholarships Available At University Of British Columbia.

1 Canada Graduate   Scholarship Money 

Doctoral (CGS D) software package is a governmental grant policy implemented by the Canadian Institutes of Health Studies (CIHR). 

The Environmental Sciences and Engineering Research Institute of Canada (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Institute of Canada (SSHRC).

The CGS D curriculum strongly encourages research excellence in a wide range of disciplines and broad sectors, including health, natural sciences, engineering, history, and philosophy, as well as interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research.

This assistance enables scholars to focus entirely on their doctoral degrees, seek out the top research mentors in their respective fields, and make a contribution to the Canadian analysis ecosystem both during and after the term of their grants.

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible to apply:

  • You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • if you were previously enrolled in a graduate program\shave finalized no more than 36 months of actual study in your doctorate by December 31 of said schedule year of entry.
  • Direct-entry candidates should be registered in a postgraduate program at the time they apply.

2 The NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships

The program provides funding to high-achieving scholars enrolled in a qualified doctoral program in the sciences or technology. 

This assistance enabled these scholars to focus solely on one‘s studies and actively sought out the leading research tutors in their respective areas.

3 Macknzie King Memorial Scholarships.

Scholarships are available to Canadian university graduates pursuing graduate studies in any practice, in Canada or somewhere else. 

Each year, one Open Award is given. The Program is awarded to Canadian university graduates pursuing graduate studies in international relations or industrial relations in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Eligibility For The Mackenzie King Memorial Scholarship.

  • You must be enrolled full-time in a UBC graduate program throughout the funding period.
  • Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents

4 Graduate Scholarship In British Columbia.

The region of British Columbia has financially supported BC Graduate Scholarships. (BCGS) 

In just about any area of study, with a focus on science, advanced technologies, engineering, and mathematical skills (STEM) studies and assistance for Indigenous students. 

Graduate schools and disciplinary Faculties will award $15,000 scholarships.

Eligibility For The Graduate Scholarship In British Columbia.

enrolled full-time in a UBC graduate studies throughout the funding period • Canadian citizens and Legal Residents

5 Indigenous Graduate And  Doctoral Student Finance FROM BC NEIHR.

The BC NEIHR continues to support Indigenous postgraduates and postdoctoral fellows by holding annual competitions for Master’s and PhD scholarships as well as b every two years.

For Post-Doctoral graduate programs to help them develop research skills and alleviate college obligations associated with finances, relatives, society, and ethnic responsibilities.

Scholarship for Master’s Degree.

The goal of the BC NEIHR Master’s Grant program is to help Indigenous Master’s students in British Columbia. (BC) establishments. 

This grant acknowledges accomplishment in undergraduate degree and early postgraduate study as well as partnering prospects with Indigenous communities, collectives, and organizations.

The BC NEIHR holds an annual contest for Master’s Scholarships worth $17,500. 

Every year, beneficiaries are appointed to a Learning and Sharing Circle, to present their work and discuss their involvement in this Grant program.

Doctoral Fellowship Program

The goal of the BC NEIHR Doctoral Bursary is to support Indigenous  Phd. students in British Columbia (BC).

Colleges who showcase accomplishment in initial doctoral degree and collaborative prospects with Indigenous communities, groups, and organizations in developing research training and education.

The British Columbia NEIHR conducts an annual contest for Phd. Grants and loans worth $35,000 each.

Every year, beneficiaries are welcomed to a Learning and sharing circle to present their work and discuss their involvement in this Grant program.

Reimbursement Program for Doctoral Scholarships

The BC NEIHR Doctoral Scholarship Reimbursement program’s plan is to continue to facilitate the growth of research skills and knowledge.

It helps train Indigenous  PhD students at British Columbia (BC) institutions.

This scholarship fund is for participants who have actually provided a BC NEIHR Ph.d. Grant, continue to demonstrate educational success in postgraduate study, and have the potential to collaborate with Indigenous communities, organized groups, and institutions.

6 Master’s Graduate Grant Program In Canada.

By assisting students who show a high level of excellence in undergraduate degrees and early graduate studies. 

We can assist in developing academic knowledge and prepare highly skilled professionals. 

The scheme offers scholarships to outstanding scholars enrolled in qualified master’s or, in certain cases, doctoral degrees in Canada.

7. Rio Tinto Graduate Scholarship Program. 

Rio Tinto provides an $18,000 postgrad grant to a UBC postgraduate studying a pure or applied science related to Rio Tinto’s mining operations as part of the ongoing dedication to development and technology.

Eligibility For The Rio Tinto Graduate Program.

To be eligible for this scholarship students should be registered or approved in a first-year Master’s or first- or second-year Doctoral program in the school.

The bursary is non-renewable, and students who have previously received it are ineligible to apply again.

Areas of Research Eligible

  • Metallurgy of aluminum.
  • Molten salt electrolysis.
  • Hydrometallurgy.
  • Environmental science Analytical technologies.
  • Control and modeling systems.
  • Any research projects in these areas will be considered by the program’s selection committee.

Aspirants must be registered or approved in a full-time graduate degree course.

8. Grants For Aboriginal Graduate Fellowship Bridge.

The Colleges of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will match graduate program funds to support Master’s level Indigenous students enrolled at the UBC-Vancouver campus. 

This funding is provided to help students until they are eligible for the program for another regular Aboriginal Graduate Scholarship competition.

 It is also intended to assist students who have been unsuccessful in obtaining other forms of funding. 

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies conducts a competition to select award winners based on academic merit.

All Indigenous Master’s college graduates are qualified to participate but give more attention to Indigenous Master’s graduate students studying within Canada.

Applicants must be full-time students enrolled in a UBC-Vancouver Master’s graduate studies as of September 2021.

Both incoming and current Master’s degree students are eligible to apply.

9. Agenda For Minimum Financing Of PHD Students.

Students who are admitted to a UBC-Vancouver Doctoral program in September 2018 or later must receive a minimum funding package of $22,000 for the first four years of their PhD. Organization’s internal awards, required to teach work, survey paid internships, and postgrad educational internships may be included in the spending plan.

10. The China Bursary Council 

This is a Chinese government agency that awards scholarship opportunities to students pursuing phd. and postdoc studies abroad. 

UBC has reached an agreement with the Chinese bursary to serve as a recommended host organization for scholarship recipients. These grants will be given to students from a variety of disciplines.

Eligibility For The China delivery plan.

  • To be able to qualify, the applicant must be a Chinese citizen who doesn’t have any permanent residency in another country.
  • The applicant’s age cannot be more than 35 years old. In order to be granted academic qualifications.
  • The student should be the latest undergraduate student at a Chinese academic and research institute.
  • Should be an undergraduate who earned a degree from a Chinese university or research institute, be a latest Master’s degree student at a Chinese academic and research institute. 
  •  Should be a Master’s degree student who graduated college from a Chinese university or research institute.
  • Should be the latest Postgraduate student at an international university or research organization.
  • a Master’s degree student who graduated with a degree from a Chinese reputable academic college.

You’ll need to discover the correct grant funds to pay for your studies in addition to selecting the right university. With so many scholarship choices available, it’s difficult to know where to start.

Keeping track of all of them in the context of international education might be difficult. Everyone should ensure that they apply for a school grant.

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