Health Insurance In Alberta

Getting Affordable And Quality Health Insurance In Alberta

How Health Insurance Works In Alberta

Understanding how health insurance works can be challenging. We want to help explain it to you in a simple and  easy-to-understand way.

In Alberta, some health expenses are covered by the government while others are not—and those costs must be paid out-of-pocket.

A benefit plan is health coverage that protects you from health expenses that the government does not cover for most individuals. Some examples include prescription drugs, dental services, and eye exams.

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The concept is simple: a large number of people pay premiums (set monthly amounts) for supplementary benefit coverage, and when they have expenses, they are reimbursed through their plan.

This not only helps individuals budget for everyday health-related expenses but provides valuable financial protection in the event of an unexpected injury, illness, or medical condition.

Alberta has a publicly administered and funded health care system that ensures Albertans receive universal access to medically necessary hospital and health care services.

This plan, called the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP), covers health care costs such as doctor provided medical services, diagnostic services (for example x-rays), and hospital accommodation. All new and returning residents must apply for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan coverage.

Eligible residents

You are eligible for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) coverage if you are:

legally entitled to be in and remain in Canada and make your permanent home in Alberta

committed to being physically present in Alberta for at least 183 days in any 12-month period

not claiming residency or obtaining benefits under a claim of residency in another province, territory, or country

Any other person deemed by the regulations to be a resident or temporary resident, not including a tourist, transient, or visitor to Alberta

Individuals moving to Alberta from another country who have an immigration document from Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada may be eligible for AHCIP coverage depending on the type of document, any restrictions,

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When you move to Alberta from another province or country, there may be a waiting period before you become eligible for coverage under the AHCIP.

If you move to Alberta from another country and have an immigration document from Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada, you may be eligible for AHCIP coverage.

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