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Queen’s University International Scholarships

Most scholarship recipients are not required to repay their awards; however,  Certain specifications, such as achieving the minimum overall grade average or partaking in a specific activity, must be met during their period of assistance.

International students, also known as foreign, are students who choose to pursue all or part of their tertiary education in a country other than their home country and choose to relocate to that country to study.

Queen’s Entry Scholarships are primarily awarded to international students. Instant accounts for 95% of Queen’s University Scholarships.

Entries for admission to Queen’s University are reviewed for grant consideration. Only scholarships awarded by one‘s chosen Queen’s faculty are available to master’s students.

Doctoral students are paid a minimum of 18,000 CAD. Education loans, such as those supplied by Prodigy Finance, are made available to deserving students.

No matter what level of study you choose, options for various scholarships are centered on the admission average. Nevertheless, I would advise that you look into all Queen’s University Scholarships and external scholarship opportunities. 

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Queen’s University Scholarship For Undergraduate Students

International students at the university are considered for admission scholarships. Every year, more than half of Queen’s undergraduate program applicants are awarded Queen’s University Scholarship programs.

You should be aware that to be able for Queen’s University Bursaries for Degree Students, you would have to have an admission estimate of 90% or higher.

Students failing to meet this requirement will not be considered for any undergraduate scholarships. Presently, international students are offered only four Queen’s University scholarships at the undergraduate level.

Undergraduate international students are considered for admission grants and loans at the university. Every year, more than half of Queen’s bachelor program applicants are awarded Queen’s University Scholarships.

You should be aware that to be eligible for Queen’s University Grants and Loans for Undergraduate Students, you should have an eligibility average of 90% or higher. 

Students who do not meet this criterion will not be taken into account for undergraduate scholarships. At the moment, international students are only provided four undergraduate scholarships at Queen’s University.  Which are:

1. Excellence scholarship: Students would benefit from 1000- 2000 CAD. Those eligible for this scholarship are those that have a 90% – 94  % admission average.

2. Principal scholarship:  4000- 6000 CAD would be rewarded to the student, those eligible for this scholarship are those that have. GPA of 3.9 and above.

3. International admission scholarship: 9000 CAD would be awarded to the student. Those eligible for this Scholarship are those students that are exceptional in their academic work. These are those students that have superior academic activity.

4. Principal international scholarship India: 10,000 CAD would be awarded to students for 2 years, those eligible are Indian citizens who have academic merits.

     Queen’s University Scholarship for master’s Degree  students 

Foreign students admitted to Queen’s master’s programs are not only given free tuition, but also an additional allowance for financial assistance, grants and loans, and job opportunities.

There are no special scholarships for master’s degree students in general; however, each faculty of the Queen’s Graduate School provides free scholarships.

The university does not offer any Queen’s University Grants to doctoral students. So each opened to a foreign doctoral student is eligible for this 5000 CAD award.

Realizing that not all students may be eligible for Queen’s University Scholarships, provides an opportunity for students for external scholarships.

Scholarships are available from the Canadian government, trusts, and corporate organizations for foreign students to study at Canada’s top universities such as Queen’s University.

No one’s schooling should be hampered due to a major lack of average earnings. One of the most significant scholarship benefits for society is that it provides us with engineers, doctors, scholars, nurses, lawyers, and scientists from backgrounds where traditional college financial aid would be difficult to obtain.

Possessing so many people in these occupations benefits us as a society by helping us fill any job vacancies that might otherwise exist.

When you receive a scholarship, you will be able to keep in touch with other scholarship recipients. Because you’re probable to be from the same educational area, this would provide significant networking benefits after you graduate.

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