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 Concordia University International Undergraduate Awards

Concordia University is an English-language public comprehensive research university located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

It was founded in August 1974 following the merger of Loyola College and Sir George Williams University. Concordia is one of the three universities in Quebec where English is the primary language of instruction.

The university is named the best university in North America. They offer competitive funding packages at the time of admission, allowing students to focus on their research and studies. 

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These funding packages may include awards that are generated by the operating funds of Concordia University and/or through the generosity of individual donors.

The scholarship is financially sufficient and it also allows students to finish on time. These awards are often topped up with teaching and research assistantships.

Every year Concordia University welcomes exceptional international students from all over the world to study research and innovate the thriving institution.

This award aims to acknowledge students who demonstrate academic excellence in combination with resilience and the ability to overcome personal hardship.

It also offers students around the globe high energy creativity, a welcoming, self and inclusive environment, and also the diversity of a globally connected City.

These awards cover all tuition and books, residence and meal plan fees, and living costs based on Concordia’s residency rate.

Degree Level

Applicants must be in good academic standing with a minimum Assessment GPA of at least 2.00.

Study Field

Undergraduate degree coursework in all subjects offered by the university.

Eligibility Nationality

All interested applicants around the world.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, the applicants must meet all the following/given criteria:

  1. First time attending university.
  2. Studying full-time in an undergraduate degree program.
  3. International student, paying full international student rate.
  4. Starting studies at Concordia University in Fall 2022.

The undergraduate scholarship and awards committee automatically awards undergraduates based on top assessment GPA with no application required. 

The following are the awards:

  1. Concordia University undergraduate entrance bursary program
  2. Concordia University undergraduate in-course bursary program
  3. Concordia application base award
  4. External awards
  5. NSERC USRA Competition summer 2022
  6. Concordia presidential scholarship 2022 to 2023
  7. Concordia international scholars award 2022 2023
  8. Bourses perspective Quebec 2022 to 2023
  1.  Concordia University undergraduate entrance bursary program:

 the entrance bursary program is designed to provide financial support to newly admitted students to an undergraduate bachelor’s degree program in any discipline of study.

  1. Concordia University undergraduate in cross-country program: The in-course bursary program is designed to provide financial support to undergraduate students who have been admitted to Concordia in the fall of the previous academic year. This program is also for newly admitted students who are transferred from other universities.
  2. Concordia application base award: The award is given to undergraduate students who have met the eligibility criteria for any of the special scholarships.
  3. External award opportunities: external awards are opportunities offered by a variety of external organization companies and foundations.
  1. NSERC Usra Competition – summer 2022: the natural sciences and engineering research council of Canada is a federal agency responsible for promoting and supporting research in natural science and Engineering other than the health sciences. This undergraduate students research award program aims to provide research work experience for students to complement their degree program and encourage them to consider graduate studies and or a research career.
  2. Concordia presidential scholarship 2022 to 2023: the Concordia international scholars is an undergraduate award that EMS that knowledge students who demonstrate their academic excellence and the ability to overcome personal heart rate each year through renewable scholarship valued at the cost of attendance for 4 years will be awarded to candidates from any faculty.
  3. Student mobility bursary program: Through limited funding made available by Quebec, qualified students studying outside Quebec as part of their Concordia degree program can apply for a Quebec mobility bursary. Although this bursary is funded by the Minister, it is administered jointly by Concordia international and Concordia financial aid and awards office.
  4. Bourses perspective Quebec 2022-2023: the government of Quebec has introduced an incentive scholarship program that is specifically aimed at essential public services and strategic areas of the economy where there is currently a labour shortage. The targeted areas are health and social, education educational child care information technology, and engineering sectors.

Scholarships are awarded by the government of Quebec after a successful full-time session.

International students entering any graduate program at Concordia are eligible for the various Concordia entrance scholarships. Meritorious students are automatically considered for these scholarships, based on their admission applications.

Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence: Recipients of this award are exempted from paying tuition fees at overseas rates. However, they are responsible for the payment of tuition at the Quebec rate. The scholarship is approximately valued at 39,000 CAD.

Concordia Doctoral Fellowship: This program offers recipients a fellowship award valued at 14,000 CAD per year. The fellowship is renewable for 4 years.

Concordia Merit Scholarship: This is a non-renewable scholarship offered to academically excellent students.

Faculty-based Graduate Scholarships: Every graduate faculty offers incoming students a few entrance scholarships ranging between 1000 CAD- and 5000 CAD.

About scholarships, bursaries, & awards.

The primary criterion for all scholarships is high academic achievement. However, high academic achievement does not guarantee your selection for a scholarship. Competition is significant and each scholarship has different criteria which affect both eligibility and selection. The primary criterion for all bursaries is financial need. However, financial need does not guarantee your selection for a bursary. Competition is significant and each bursary has different criteria which affect both eligibility and selection.

Reasons For International Undergraduate Awards

The Undergraduate Awards is the world’s largest academic awards programme. It is uniquely pan-discipline, identifying leading creative thinkers through their undergraduate coursework. These Awards provide top-performing students with the support, network and opportunities they require to raise their profiles and further their careers.


  • Reduces the Financial Burden:

The rising costs of education make it difficult for many students to attend the school of their choice. Many students must work full time to pay expenses. This can become a huge burden and is a frequent cause of students dropping out. Scholarships or awards reduce the financial burden for parents and students and offer students the opportunity to attend a great college.

  • Allows You to Focus on Your Education

Applying to college is an exciting time. Every student should be able to go to college and focus on their education. But for many students, the stresses of working and earning tuition money make it hard to find the time to focus on learning. A scholarship allows students to focus on academics, increasing their chances of staying in school and graduating on time. Students who receive scholarships have fewer financial concerns, more time to study, and a greater chance of success.

  • Offers an Advantage

Earning an Award is an honour. It shows you are hard-working and that you care about your education and your future. An Award can offer you an advantage as you apply for internships or your first professional job. Anytime you stand out from the rest during a job search, you have an advantage.

  • Distinguishes Your Achievements

Earning a merit-based Award is a prestigious accomplishment. It shows that you stood out from all the other applicants. The Award provider recognized your accomplishments and your potential for success in the institution. This is an achievement you should be proud of. A merit-based Award may help you get additional undergraduate scholarships or obtain money for graduate school. It’s an accomplishment you can use to your advantage when you apply for Postgraduate school, internships, or jobs in the future.

  • Helps You Attend a Better University

Universities are choosy about who receives an Award. They’re looking for accomplished students who are likely to be successful and complete their programs. An Award opens up new opportunities for many students to attend a better school than they could without financial assistance. Universities are searching for students who will be active on campus and make a positive impact on their school and student body. They can offer scholarships or Awards tips and advice on which opportunities may be right for you.

  • Makes Your Resume Stand Out

Employers may receive hundreds of job applications for the same position. Anything that can distinguish your resume from a sea of others can help you get the job. Employers notice scholarship or awards recipients. This indicates the applicant is a hard worker and a high achiever. But an award can have long-term benefits beyond your college graduation. It’s an honour that looks great on a resume and can set you apart as you start your career.

  • Decreases Future Debt

Many students end their college years with thousands of dollars of debt in student loans. Although loans are sometimes necessary, you don’t want to graduate with the burden of excessive debt. Many students don’t qualify for federal aid and have to take out student loans to pay for their college expenses. Scholarships offer a great opportunity for high-achieving students to get money for college without having to pay it back. After graduation, students can focus on attending graduate school or starting careers without the burden of repaying student loans. Scholarships or awards remove financial barriers and allow deserving students to pursue their dreams without paying for their education for years to come.

  • Provides Opportunities to Connect 

As a scholarship or an award recipient, the applicant’s become a member of an exclusive community.

The applicant gets the opportunity to meet people from a variety of backgrounds and form a lifelong association with the institution that was awarded this academic honour.

This association can help the applicant feel connected to others and benefit their future and personal growth.

Interacting with fellow students and teachers is so important and can open up the student’s mind to new ideas and other perspectives.

The friends and connections applicants make throughout their scholarship/award journey can enrich the student’s life and benefit him/her throughout their college years and into the future.

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