UBC International Leader Of Tomorrow Award

The University of British Columbia, popularly known as (UBC), is targeted international students from any country. 

The school was established in the year 1908, and it is recognised as the ample international university in North America.

The school aspired to benefit from innovative ideas, discovery, and for the student to create new ideas that will bring incredible changes to the world.

The university, however, has continued to live up to its name, it has created 8 Nobel prize winners, 3 Canadian prime ministers, 65 Olympic medalist athletes, including 19 gold medalists, 71 Rhodes scholars, and 273 royal societies of Canada fellows.

The school employs over 17,971 staff members, generating 22-3million national teaching fellows so far. The UBC university also has 85 academic units to offer to its national and international students with 200 distinct bachelor masters and doctorates programs.

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The school also gives more than 180 courses to choose from the undergraduate majors. The 85 course-based master’s program allows 330 graduates specialisations, wherein international national students find their dream courses.

The school also offers 250 research-based programs and incredible awards related to them. The total funding for 9,941 projects is CAD 672.7million, about 222 firms spun off from UBC research.

The university budget is approximately CAD 3 billion for the school’s research wing. The institution has different degree offers, by the 20th century, the institution started offering degrees in the field of Nursing, agriculture, and engineering.

It introduced the American model of specialization and research thesis.  

The university offers undergraduate degree programs, post-graduate degree programs, joint academic programs, exchange programs, and distance education programs.

A wide list of subjects encompassed under these programs allows students to choose among the numerous subjects according to their area of interest, the list includes applied science, Architecture, law, medicine, dentistry,  philosophy, anthropology, ancient culture, religion, and ethnicity.

Furthermore, the students are guided by professionals’, basic awareness and practical knowledge, the students are given the chance to comprehend the curriculum of different universities and to learn many more things under the student exchange program.  

In addition, the university is toured by experienced faculty that takes the students to the work field for exposure.

UBC also has a notable list of Alumni that includes Justin Trudeau current prime minister of Canada), Kim Cambell (19th prime minister and the first to serve in office), Wilson Gibson (significant figure in the

cyberpunk movement) Bjarni Tryggvason (astronaut) David Suzuki (broadcaster and environmentalist), Monica Lam (founder of mokas), and Evangeline Lilly (actress).

UBC international scholars have the potential to make a distinction in the world. They are high academic achievers who have ascertained outstanding extracurricular activities, show a desire to create widespread changes, and dare dedicated to giving back to schools and communities.

UBC degree opens a connection to a vast alumni network across the planet. Enthusiastic students will join a community of industrious and supportive readers and study among the best and the brightest.

All applicant scholars will be enriched.

And the global community with your diverse perspectives is involved in innovation initiatives.   the applicant will have access to numerous alternatives inside and outside the classroom that will enhance the experience.

Community-based and experimental learning projects can help the applicant’s academic interests to the needs and issues of the local or global community. 

The annual retreat will connect the student to the community while he/she plans for the year ahead and develops leadership skills.

An annual workshop series will provide administration community growth, career trial, and networking alternatives throughout your degree.

Reception laboratory events are hosted throughout each year to reach your achievements and connect you to the scholar’s community on campus.

Study abroad exchange programs can take you to emerging countries where you will address local challenges in health, agriculture, social education and sustainable development. International students can choose to study at the University of British Columbia because of its compatible top hierarchies, research excellence, and global stature and very well-qualified teaching staff. Awards are available through the UBC International scholars program. UBC offers approximately 50 scholarships each year across all four awards. Applicants will not be allowed to select the award he/she wish to receive. when they apply, the UBC team will automatically consider them for the awards that they are eligible for.

The institution has two campuses which are the Vancouver campus and the Okanagan campus.

The Vancouver campus:

The Vancouver campus is situated in the glamorous and occupied city of Vancouver. the campus is located between the coastal mountains and the pacific ocean.

The campus is so best known for its hiking, skiing, surfing, and kayaking skills.

The Vancouver campus is also the main campus of the University, its surroundings are covered with greenish forest, and it’s spread across 400 acres of roads.

It houses some popular centres like the Chan centre for permeating arts and centres for interactive research in sustainability. UBC welcomes the centre and UB Centre for search.

It organises many cultural activities and events. The Vancouver campus has 14 residence halls and apartments; it also has an on-campus housing facility. the campus is the biggest, it contains over 56,000+ students.

The school provides a top-notch education while living in the most beautiful cities in the world, nestled next to the pacific ocean, the campus provides endless chances to encounter a cosmopolitan city, breathtaking natural wonders,   excursions, and an atmosphere of academic excellence.

As a global top 40 university, UBC Vancouver’s research-intensive campus is an incubator for bringing ideas and camping-offers for adventure, inside and outside of the classroom, with its metropolitan community and award-winning professors.

UBC Vancouver campus offers the chance for you to learn from some of the best faculty worldwide, contribute to improvement with global importance and have the freedom to develop your academic interest.

The UBC Vancouver campus offers degrees in major fields of study, with the choice to take courses from outside of the faculty, and applicants have plenty of opportunities to seek all their academic passion.

Many programs at the UBC are unique to the Vancouver campus.

Some programs offered on the Vancouver campus:

Applied animal biology- the program studies the fundamentals of animal behaviours animal physiology, and examine related field as they apply to farm, companion, and other animals, student will learn the role

of animals in human society and the ethical, environmental, and other issues that arise and receive activity that primes them for graduate work or admission to veterinary or human medicine.

Behavioural Neuroscience- this program studies a span of topics, including advanced research methods in the behavioural sciences, sensation and perception, animal learning and cognition, hormones and behaviour, competence and psychology, etc.

The program investigates the brain and nervous system and behaviours topics of study, including genetics, behavioural neuroendocrinology, decision making, cognition, impulsivity, etc.

The Okanagan campus- the UBC Okanagan campus commonly referred to as UBC Okanagan and Tibco’s is the University of British Columbia campus located in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada.

The campus was established in the year 2005. it’s the research and innovation hub in the southern interior of the province, of British Columbia and is home to over 11,562 undergraduate programs and 19 graduates program.

The Okanagan campus has the following faculties and schools:

College of graduates studies.

Faculty of creatives and critical studies.

Faculty of applied sciences school of engineering

Faculty of health and social development school of nursing.

School of health and exercise sciences.

School of social work

Faculty of management.

Okanagan school of education.

And Irving k barber faculty of science.

Eligibility for the program

You must be an international student who will be studying in Canada on a Canadian study permit.

You must enter UBC from a comprehended secondary school, or transfer from your first year at a post-secondary college or another university.

You must have graduated from high school ahead of June, two years before the academic year the student applied.

Applicants must be applying for their first undergraduate degree.

Applicants must demonstrate superior academic achievement.

Applicants must develop a level of financial need that will otherwise prevent them from pursuing a UBC degree.

They must meet UBC’s admission regulations and the English language admission criterion.

All eligibility criteria apply except; they must not yet meet UBC’s English language admission standard for direct admission to UBC.

Applicants must meet the UBC vantage college admission requirements, including the English requirements for vantage college.

Applicant must be coming directly from high school.

They must be beginning their undergraduate studies at UBC in the UBC vantage one program.

If they apply for the International scholar’s program, they will not be considered for merit-based awards.

Applicants must submit their international scholar’s program application. Although applicants can specify two-degree choices in their application only the first-choice degree will be considered for an international scholars program award.

How to apply for the international school program.

Decide on the academic program you want to study, and which campus you want to choose.

Applicants must apply to UBC

To be able to apply for any program, applicants will need to be nominated by their school or non-profit.

A single high school college or university may nominate up to three students from UBC Vancouver(including vantage college) and one student from the Okanagan campus.

A non-profit may only nominate a high school student who is involved with their organisation, this nomination will count towards the total nominations authorized from the student school.

The nominator must be the applicant’s school counsellor or counterpart and the academic quotation should be someone familiar with the applicant’s work.

Applicants are to gather their required financial information, as well as notes on any extracurricular activities and awards.

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