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Quest University Canada

Do you have just 1 year left to be done with high school? Or perhaps you have completed high school, and you are searching for a promising university to attend? well, search no more because quest university Canada got you covered.

You might wonder; what quest university looks like, the programs or courses being studied, the benefits of studying at Quest University Canada, and many more. Now let’s talk about some of the questions u might like to know about Quest University Canada.

Where Is Quest University Canada Located?

Quest University Canada is located in the coastal mountainous community of Squamish, between Whistler and Vancouver.

The surroundings of Quest University are magnificent, eye-catchy, and pleasing, the University has floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you have a perfect glance of the green space when spring and summer arrive.

Quest university can be seen as one of the picturesque schools in Canada which creates a beautiful learning environment for everyone.

Its location is surrounded by mountains, which makes it an ideal space for outdoor events. The school also has dormitories that are pretty amazing and spacious, the dormitories are in very good condition.

Programs And Courses Offered

The Quest University Canada offers just a single degree, which is the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences. The courses offered at the university are Humanities, inter-disciplinary, languages, life sciences, mathematics, physical sciences, and social sciences.

Instead of the normal semester, which other schools work on, the university uses a BLOCK PLAN.

The students are required to take the similar core curriculum that is popularly known as the foundation program.

This curriculum is about 16 courses, the main aim of this curriculum is to widen the mind and knowledge of the students, to equip students with different vocational or professional skills.

Another objective is to educate the student’s psyche for a lengthy period of learning, by investing in a solid academic background and by expanding intellectual capacities.

students are required to understand the scientific method and the ad movements of technology, they also have to learn new languages due to how the scene of the world is changing. all these are to prepare their minds and heart for a rich and meaningful life.

Background Of Quest University Canada 

Quest University is not a government university but private, secular liberal arts and sciences. the school was opened in the year 2007 September by Dr. David Strangway, his goal was to revolutionize

undergraduate education, he aimed to create a world of vibrant, educated citizens who speculate critically and immerse deeply.

Quest University Scholarship

Quest University Canada have various types of scholarship-

The international student scholarship is for students living outside the country, where the university is located.

Bachelors/undergraduates and master’s scholarships can be taken for pursuing competent courses offered. this type of scholarship can be taken by eligible countries.

How to apply for the scholarship at the university- to apply for a scholarship at Quest University, the student is been referred to the common app Quest university’s list of colleges. There required documents for the application are:

  1. Education and personally information
  2. A brief and a long essay.

immediately when the process is been completed, your log-in information will be sent to your status page to be able to survey your petition status. Another requirement is for students to provide a manuscript of their most recent high school transcript or report card.

  1. A scholarship petition or a bursary application. Without the submission of all the required documents, the application will not be completed or considered. And when all the documents are been obtained, a green checkmark will be shown. After applying, those that met the requirements will be called for an interview, the interview can be via video calls, phone calls or one-one interviews. after the interview section, updates will be posted on your application status page, after this stage, if you are one of the lucky ones that were given the admission then you are required to deposit CND $500 to secure a place in the University. 

Benefit Of Studying At Quest University Canada

One of the benefits is that students get the opportunity to apply for a scholarship and bursary, they are also eligible for various government loan programs.

Since offering different courses can be stressful for students, the quest university Canada has simplified the university in a way that will reduce the student’s stress and also help them to excel in life.

They have introduced the block plan, which focuses only on one class every three and a half weeks. giving the students a four-day break before they commence with their next class.

This allows the student to build their educational knowledge, in extraordinary ways and to focus on one class at a time. Quest University Canada is an amazing reinforces undergraduate using a creative ideology and novel curriculum.

Quest Fees And Tuition

The tuition fee for Canadians and none Canadians differ. the none Canadians pay a high amount.

Room and board for Canadians are $21,00 while none Canadians pay $35,000. 

You can decide to take a tour of the university, trust me, u will definitely like what u saw.

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