How to Get a PhD in Finance Online

Prominent institutions and state universities currently offer a PhD in finance online. PhD in finance online programs has helped educators to bridge distances with traditional students in an unusual way especially when it comes to the cost and convenience.

A PhD in finance can be your way to the career you have always wanted. With this online finance degree, you are well equipped for a leadership role or teaching in banking, wealth management, accounting, or finance.

Keep reading this article to find out how to get a PhD in finance online.

Reasons to Pursue a PhD in Finance Online

A PhD in finance online program can be a great step toward a rewarding career in learning or the finance industry. Online programs are gaining popularity as they allow students the flexibility to balance work, education, and family in order to earn a degree.

Through video conferences, online courses, discussion boards, chat rooms, and email, students can earn their PhD in Finance online degree and improve their careers. However, PhD Finance online programs examine all aspects of finance like the behavior of financial markets, pricing and valuation, and financial decisions in businesses and corporations.

The programs also provide students with the tools and skills necessary to organize original research resulting in a thesis, which must provide an important contribution to the field of study. Graduates of PhD in Finance online programs have specialized knowledge in finance, a deep understanding of theory and application of theory, and the ability to organize independent research in the field.

Here’s a list of some schools that offer a PhD in finance online:

  • City University of Seattle, Seattle, Washington offers an online option for completing the DBA or Doctor of Business Administration. This degree was formed for graduates who are interested in becoming leaders in firms or working as management consultants. The program takes three to four years to complete and there are no residence requirements for the online option.
  • The University of Dallas gives you an opportunity to earn your DBA through a mix of online classes and time on the school campus in Texas. This program focuses on people who already hold management positions in the business world and want to develop further. Because of its consistency, professionals can earn their doctorate while keeping their current job. This general program includes courses like Agile Organizations and Emerging Technologies.
  • Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota offers two PhD programs in finance. The first is a doctor of business administration, which is an academic degree where students focus on research and business idea from a concentrated point of view within the industry. This is perfect for students who are interested in becoming academics and enjoying research. The second is PhD in Business Management which focuses on educating a student on the pragmatic aspects of the business world. This degree is ideal for students who want to enter the business after graduation. Both degrees can be acquired online.
  • The University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina offers a hybrid doctor of business administration with a focus on finance. This degree was specifically designed for students interested in a career in government or teaching. It is not a practical degree for finance professionals.
  • Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota is a popular online university that has made a name for itself with its business degrees. The school’s hybrid program allows students to learn from home, with only a few trips needed for intensive stays all through the study plan. This degree requires 60 semester credit hours of coursework, a dissertation, and a few trips to the school campus where students get to execute some practicals.

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