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A major attraction for college in-bound students are Colleges in Tennessee, they have standard academic programs and beautiful cultural attractions fixed with so many career opportunities. These unique features tend to attract students to colleges in Tennessee, is known to be home to more than 220,000 students.

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Tennessee which is also known as the volunteer state became the 16th state in 1796. The name ‘Tennessee’ was gotten from a Cherokee village known as Tanasi. It became one of the first territories in the United States to be termed a state under the federal constitution.

The state is also one of the most visited states in the United States. Tennessee has more than 60% inbound rate. It also offer newcomers a simple and enjoyable lifestyle with attractive scenery. It has features like beautiful landscape and scenery, low living costs, delicious southern comfort food, and country music which attract students to colleges in the state.

Advantages of Attending One of the Colleges in Tennessee

  • The rich culture in the state is one of the states attracting features. However, metropolitan areas of the state like Memphis and Nashville are also known for having plenty of positive cultures.
  • The state is home to most country music and the music city has many historical music locations to visit an example is the legendary Grand Ole Opry.65.
  • Another advantage of attending one of the colleges in Tennessee is for it being home to one of the top-rating universities in the country like Vanderbilt University and the University of Tennessee graduates also have good employment opportunities on graduation.
  • The economy of Tennessee is in a positive condition and is bound to witness continued expanding economic growth.
  • Most students and professors are attracted to colleges in Tennessee because of its friendly outdoor weather.
  • A major attraction for a college student is the low cost of living as it blesses students with affordability.
  • Another advantage of attending one of the colleges in Tennessee are natural features like the Great smoky mountain based in the eastern part of the state are ideal for hiking and biking.
  • Tennessee has an impressively diverse amount of industrial sectors. College students are needed in the ever-growing sector of education, agriculture, healthcare, and many others.

The Cost of Attending One of the Colleges in Tennessee

The colleges in Tennessee are neither too expensive nor cheap but are on the safer side. The different colleges in Tennessee provide their students with a quality education when compared to similar colleges in other states.

Here is the Estimated value for attending one of the colleges in Tennessee:

Tuition and fees: $12,900, Room and board: $11,000, Other expenses including travel and personal: $5,700, Books and supplies: $1,600.

List of the Top Colleges in Tennessee

  • Belmont University was established in 1890 southwest of Nashville. It is one of the colleges in Tennessee that have found a way to fuse liberal arts and professional education into a Christian learning community. The college focuses at helping its students mold and improve their dreams and passions to help the world at large.
  • University of Tennessee is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and established in 1794 few years before the state become the 16th state. It is a flagship for different colleges in Tennessee, accepting more than 30,000 students from different parts of the country and other international countries.
  • Vanderbilt University is based in the capital of Tennessee, Nashville established in 1873 and was named after Cornelius Vanderbilt. The university is respected to be a prestigious private research university.
  • The University of the South is a private institution that was established in 1857. The college has a rated of no. 50 on the Best national liberal arts colleges.
  • Lipscomb University is situated at the center of Nashville in Green hills. It is a liberal, private, and Christian institution. The university is aimed at promoting their students with spiritual confidence and faith, academic excellence, and effective citizenship character.
  • Lincoln Memorial University is a private university approved by the southern association of colleges and schools and based in Harrogate.
  • Union University was established in 1823 and is a private Christian evangelical university situated in Jackson, Tennessee.
  • Tennessee Tech University is a public research university based in Cookeville. The college offers more than 40 bachelor’s degree programs, doctoral programs, and graduate programs.
  • University of Memphis is a public research university and was established in 1912. The college currently accepts more than 22,000 students with an average acceptance rate of 85%.
  • East Tennessee State University is known to be among the top 5 largest universities in Tennessee and is based in Johnson, Tennessee.

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