Most Useful Masters Degree in 2022

A must have degree for most employers is a master’s degree. Obtaining a masters degree contemporarily is almost synonymous to having a bachelor’s degree because the drive to get more knowledge has increased among humans as the world keeps developing.

Obtaining a masters degree is no longer as expensive as in the past. On the other hand, some people choose to pursue a master’s degree for some reason while some hope that it will provide them with the skills and experience they need to progress in their field.

To determine the most useful master’s for the future, we use higher education data from different prominent sources.

A master’s degree is an improved degree in a specialized field that you can earn after a college degree. Some examples include a master of business administration, a master of public administration and a master of law.

However, some students go straight from undergraduate to graduate study because they know that their targeted career needs mastery and specialized skills. Others return to school after so many years in the workforce to improve their knowledge and earning potential.

This degree can offer you better job prospects, more professional responsibilities, and a higher salary. You may also need it to improve beyond a particular point in your career, especially if your goal is a managerial position.

The Usefulness of Masters Degree in the Current Job Market

A bachelor’s degree was enough to establish your career but this is no longer the case today. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 48% of all jobs will need a masters degree by 2022. In the present competitive job market, the benefits of a master’s degree can help you differentiate and remain a valuable employee.

For you to really earn a good amount of salary, it is essential you start considering earning a master’s degree.

The Easiest Masters Degree

An Online Master’s in Education is the easiest online masters degree because of the following reasons:

  • The coursework is moderate.
  • The programs are broadly available and are aswell100% online.
  • The program can also be finished very fast within 12 months in some cases.

The Shortest Master’s Program

Auburn University is the school you can think of attending for a short while. One of the master’s degree programs you obtain at Auburn University in a short time is the online Master of Accountancy program.

This program is usually a 30 credit program and students can complete the degree in one year and become CPA eligible at the end of the program.

The Most Useful Masters Degrees

  1. Masters of Science in Statistics: Some certain jobs available to graduates of a masters degree program in statistics which include biostatistician, biomathematician, educational test statistician, public health statistician, medical statistician.
  2. Top Careers for Statistics Graduates include: Educational Statistician, Biostatistician, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Business Operations Manager, IT Manager, Marketing Manager and Sales Manager.
  3. Masters of Science in Data Science: Data can range from financial records to marketing information or other personal information.
  4. Top Careers for Masters of Science in Data Science Graduates include: Data Analyst and Database Administrator.
  5. Master of Science in Nursing: Nursing is a special field, as it forms part of the top paying medical field like doctors, surgeons and psychiatrists, without the multi-year residencies and medical degrees that are generally required to acquire these positions.
  6. Top Careers for Master of Science in Nursing graduates include: Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist
  7. Master of Art in Communication: Students for a master’s degree in communication arts programs must have earned their bachelor’s degree.
  8. Top Careers for Master of Arts in Communication graduates include: Communication Sciences & Disorders and Speech-Language Pathology.

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