Top Schools for Creative Writing in the World

Are you wondering where to develop your writing skills? This article enlighten you on the graduate schools for creative writing in the world. To be frank, writing exciting poems, interesting and fictitious stories, and other amazing content for pay is interesting and educative.

You can be a talented writer but knowing how to make a creative writing really needs some formal training. These top graduate schools for creative writing train students to stand out from other creative writers.

You should know that news agencies in the world usually rush to hire graduates from one of these institutions. Some of the first written stories in the Western tradition were the Bible and Homer’s Odyssey; in the Eastern Tradition, the Indian Vedas and Sanskrit poems; in central America, the Mayan Codices.

Before now, the art of writing was a difficult thing for a long time. The only people that initially learned how to write were only monks, the rich, and educated classes. Besides, inks and quills were expensive to buy so it was very hard to make paper.

A Creative writer is a professional that writes for different print and online publications. The person writes interesting and entertaining articles, essays, stories or poems for books, magazines, websites, and scripts. They are always passionate about creative ideas and they can express these ideas with clarity.

The duties of a Creative Writer include:

  • Handling research before and during the writing process.
  • Preparing materials for assignments like planning, outline, and synopsis.
  • Executing thorough fact-checks before submitting any work.
  • Responding to feedback sessions and making revisions suggested by the client, publisher or editors.
  • Attending as many training sessions and workshops as you can.

In addition, for you to be a Creative Writer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in writing, communication, language, marketing. You must also possess proof of writing experience “links to published work would be an advantage”. You need to have a very critical reading and thinking skill, an interest in current events and a general thirst for knowledge. You must also have the ability and the strength to accept constructive feedback. Then you also need basic computer skills.

What to Do With a Creative Writing Degree

  1. Creative director
  2. Advertising copywriter
  3. Editorial assistant
  4. Digital copywriter
  5. Lexicographer
  6. Web content manager
  7. Newspaper journalist
  8. Academic librarian
  9. Writer
  10. Marketing executive
  11. Film director
  12. Social media manager
  13. Schoolteacher
  14. Public relations officer

Types of Creative Writing degrees

  • Associate Degree train a student on the fundamentals of writing. It also improves to providing you a wider professional knowledge which is close to what you would get attending a four-year bachelor’s program. The degree takes two years to acquire in creative writing and you can complete it mainly online.
  • Certificate programs introduce you to the basics of creative writing or writing in general. It also helps you update your skills in certain writing specializations. You also  get certification on completion of the program and the program lasts anywhere from a few days to two weeks.
  • Bachelor’s Degree takes four (4) years to complete, after which you get a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA).
  • Master’s Degree is perfect for you if you want to grow as a professional in creative writing. But, you need to acquire a Bachelor of Arts degree to be eligible for the Master’s degree. It takes two years to complete.
  • P.hD. takes lot of years to complete but it generally lasts for four years.

List of top graduate schools for Creative Writing in the world

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