Top Paying Electrical Engineering Entry Level Jobs

You have been searching for an Electrical Engineering profession or top paying electrical engineering entry-level jobs?  Keep reading this article to know more about the top paying electrical engineering entry-level jobs.

Electrical Engineering involve dealing with designs and development of new electrical systems, settle problems, and tests equipment.

An Electrical Engineering profession focuses to understand basic circuit theory as they relate with elements like resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, and inductors in a circuit board, and so on. An engineer applies mathematical and scientific concepts to generate cost-effective solutions for technical issues.

An engineer also take into account the functional requirements given by management and safety regulations authorized by the government to produce a final product. An Electrical Engineering profession also calls for engineers to be involved during the testing and development stages of products to increase their efficiency for customers.

As regards the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, engineers have a median annual wage of $91,010 and they are constantly paid the highest average starting salary worldwide. However, the field of engineering is projected to have employment growth of almost 140,000 new jobs this decade.

The Job of an Entry Level Electrical Engineer

An Entry Level Electrical Engineer handles different tasks like building electrical components and testing their ability. One of an electrical engineer duties are to design, build, and test electronics, electrical systems, and electrical equipment, like electric motors or navigation systems.

An electrical engineer also work with a range of technologies which include household appliances, the lighting and wiring systems of buildings, telecommunications, power transmission, and satellite communications.

However, most electrical engineers specialize in a particular field like microelectronics, electronics, signal processing, power, telecommunications, and instrumentation. Some electrical engineers also design new industrial products, while others work on improving existing systems of products.

Required Skills for a Job in Electrical Engineering

Making up your mind to go into one of the top Paying Electrical Engineering Entry Level Jobs, you must be ready to design, develop, test, and oversee the manufacturing of electrical devices and equipment, which includes navigation systems, electric motors, and power generation equipment.

Here are some of the required skills:

Communication skills

Critical thinking skills

Enthusiasm for learning

Planning and organizational skills

Problem-solving skills

Numerical skills and

Creative thinking skills


Basic circuit knowledge

Eye for detail

To be able to handle such complex concepts and theories as well as understand how to apply them to real-life projects, you need to control a very unique and modified skillset.

The minimum salary for an entry-level Electrical Engineer is $68,288 and an experienced Electrical Engineer makes about $99,039 per year.

The requirements for becoming an entry-level electrical engineer include training, education, and specialized job skills.

Most entry-level jobs do not need a certain licensing or certification, and many entry-level engineers study for their professional exams while on the job. Extra qualifications include an outstanding grasp of computer design and engineering software, such as CAD.

Top paying Electrical Engineering Entry Level Jobs are listed below:

Electrical Technician: Minimum Salary $49,000 every year

Avionics Technician: Minimum Salary $51,000 per annum

Electrical Engineer: Minimum Salary $60,000 per annum

Test Technician:  Minimum Salary $51,000 every year

Technical Support Engineer: Minimum Salary $81,000 per annum

Repair Technician:  Minimum Salary $42,000 per annum

Maintenance Electrician: Minimum Salary $55,000 per annum

Project Engineer: Minimum Salary $103,486 per annum

Net Developer: Minimum Salary $83,000 every year

Electrical Design Engineer: Minimum Salary $128,222 per annum

Software Engineering: Minimum Salary $38,000 per annum

Hardware Engineer: Minimum Salary $96,000 per annum

Failure Analysis Engineer Estimated Salary: $74,000 – $97,000 every year.

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