Top Trade Schools in Florida

The best hands-on practical education to students at a cheap rate is offered by trade schools. The state of Florida is also known as the Sunshine State and it nourish most of its industries’ skilled workforce through lot of trades and vocational schools. From construction to health care jobs, Florida offers a lot of opportunities to its residents through the existence of trade schools in Florida.

Hence, residents are encouraged to invest in vocational education that can encourage the knowledge and skills necessary for good-paying jobs in trades. The huge demand for skilled workers is also a golden opportunity for most Florida residents to consider a career in the trade.

Note that the job view is bright mostly for plumbers, welders, brick masons, electricians, and carpenters who can earn as much as $55,000 to $75,000 a year which include full benefits and a pension.

Florida has rolled out the vocational and technical education bill that organizes technical training for skilled trades to increase the number of talents that will fill up the shortage. Keep reading this article to know more about trade schools and also the top trade schools in Florida.

A Trade School is a post-secondary institution that is set up to give students the necessary technical skills. You can get a degree in fields like plumbing, health sciences, nursing, automotive technician training, wielding, and a whole lot more at trade schools. However, program period are different but they can range from anywhere between eight months to two years.

Obtaining a professional trade at a vocational or trade school may be the best way to realize your dream of a high-paying job and personally rewarding career. After completing the program, you’ll receive a diploma or trade certificate granting you successfully finished. But some programs can earn you an associate degree, which is the degree you get from a two-year college.

Advantages of Attending One of the Trade Schools in Florida

Trade schools in Florida offers the following:

  • Trade schools in Florida offers less time to complete.
  • It is Affordable.
  • Trade schools in Florida Focuses on Direct Practical Job Preparation.
  • Easy Application Process.
  • There is Availability of profitable Jobs.

Jobs to Do With a Trade School Certificate

  1. Dental hygienist
  2. Plumber
  3. Electrician
  4. Nurse
  5. Carpenter
  6. Graphic Designer
  7. Brick masons
  8. Graphic Designer
  9. Cosmetologist
  10. Welder
  11. Marine mechanic
  12. Computer technician
  13. Aircraft mechanic
  14. Massage therapist
  15. Chef
  16. Construction manager
  17. Pharmacy technician
  18. Landscaping

How Can i Apply to One of the Trade Schools in Florida?

You can apply to one of the trade schools via central online application on their websites, or you can contact the school for admissions information. After you fill out the application, you may have to interview or speak with an admissions representative.

Note that trade school aren’t selective, and most are open enrollment. Most schools and programs don’t ask for SAT/ACT, and you don’t need to write an essay.

The Duration of Time to Complete a Trade School Course in Florida

If you don’t necessarily have four or more years to invest in college, attending a trade school may be the way to acquire the needed skills and knowledge that will pave the way towards stable and well-paying work. In trade schools, students are absorbed with the best of knowledge in less than two years.

The Cost of Trade Schools in Florida

Majority of the trade schools in Florida offer scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid. One of the school is the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars, with candidates expected to complete three full credits in a single career/technical education program in order to be eligible.

How Many Trade Schools Are in Florida?

There are more than 129 trade schools and career centers to choose from across different locations in Florida that provide career-technical education in different fields ranging from healthcare to construction.

However, for those who intend to or are already taking programs in trade schools, Florida also records a high demand for jobs requiring technical skills that are not exactly covered by four-year degrees.

List of Top Approved Campus and Online Trade Schools in Florida

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