Top Boarding Schools in Mississippi

Making the decision of attending one of the boarding schools in Mississippi requires a lot of research and investigations as the choice can be very challenging for most individuals. One of the best places where students will gain the experience to build outstanding moral character is a boarding school.

Studies have also shown that boarding school students display greater problem-solving skills while having access to top-quality education. Keep reading this article to know the list of top boarding schools in Mississippi.

Reasons to Attend a Boarding School

A recent study organized by TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools), shows that 91% of boarding students talks about their school academic challenges compared to 70% of private day students and 50% of public school students. However, what actually gives boarding school students an edge over day students is the huge number of activities, programs, and challenges they face on a daily basis.

A boarding school offers a lot of positive impacts on students and until you attend one yourself, you may not understand the depth of these effect.

Advantages of Attending a Boarding School

  1. Boarding school students learn how to manage their time and become independent.
  2. It help student mature quickly and learn to handle any task even without supervision.
  3. Boarding school assist student in strictly following the time given to them, perform domestic chores, and complete school assignments on their own.
  4. Boarding school curriculum is also organized in a way that allows students to focus better on their studies.
  5. Boarding school students usually have a great moral advantage as they live in an environment where vital values such as honesty, hard work and respects are emphasized.
  6. Boarding schools provide different environment before university and students gain fluency in other languages as they interact with others.
  7. Boarding school students are exposed to broad range of extra-curricular activities ranging from sports, games and music.

The Cost to Attend One of the Boarding Schools in Mississippi

The cost of attending one of the boarding schools in Mississippi depends on quite a number of factors. Private schools usually charge higher compared with public schools and this could be due to some advantages.

Boarding schools in Mississippi typically range from $20,000 and $50,661 per year.

Why One of the Boarding Schools in Mississippi for Boys and Girls

According to research performed by the American Council for Co-Educational Schooling (ACCES), co-education improves communication and collaboration among young men and women while building relationships. It also help in learning how to associate and work effectively with members of the opposite sex.

List of Top Boarding schools in Mississippi for Boys and Girls

  • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is a private coeducational school in Mississippi. The school is fully approved and listed and offers a broad range of academic curriculum. Tuition Fee: $43,275
  • Bass Memorial Academy is a boys and girls boarding school based in the heart of Mississippi. The school is approved and provides a challenging college-preparatory program in an environment that supports honesty, tolerance, respect, and responsibility.
  • Baylor School is a private approved coeducational boarding school offering Grades 9-12. It also has some of the greatest teachers in the country. Tuition Fee: $59,500.
  • French Camp Academy is a top-rated private co-educational boarding school in Mississippi. Being a Christian school, students learn in a Christ-centered environment and that improves discipline and morals.
  • Saint Bernard Preparatory School is a comprehensive college-prep education that was lucky enough to make it to the list of top boarding high schools in Mississippi. The school also offer a well-rounded educational team that makes students feel at home whilst providing them with an exceptional academic schedule.

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