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International students, who have the desire to study in the US, Canada, UK or Australia are required to demonstrate their English skills through language tests before they get admitted to a university abroad. These days, more and more universities ask for an English language certification like IELTS or TOEFL as an evidence for a high academic English level. Find out which of these language tests is best for you!

English is without a shred of doubt one of the most central languages in our society. In times of Globalization and worldwide rivalry it is no wonder that almost everybody speaks English. Thus, language certifications and language tests are also becoming more and more crucial. A language tour to England or Malta to get ready for one of these exams can be a big assistance for you to advance your English skills!

The most renowned language tests: IELTS and TOEFL

Almost every candidate is required to write one of these language tests if they intend to study abroad. IELTS and TOEFL are the most acknowledged and accepted language tests globally. Both language exams have a particular test arrangement. Unlike many other tests like the driver’s license, you cannot fail at these language tests.  Both English language exams only give details about the current language level of the candidate. You can attain up to 9 IELTS points or 120 TOEFL points. Congratulations to those who are able to attain the highest score – you can definitely see yourself as a native speaker!

What are the differences between these two English language tests?

Which language exam you will pick at the end is subject to your destination and also your individual type of learning. The design of IELTS and TOEFL are almost undistinguishable. Both tests comprise of the common four language areas: speaking, listening, reading and academic writing. Most of the candidates struggle with the “academic writing” section. In this test part, you must showcase your writing skills in two different essays.

Even though both language tests are comprised of the same content, they still vary in some aspects. Therefore, you should be really certain which language test matches your needs before you decide on one!

Would you rather work with the computer or do you still prefer the traditional way of writing a test with a pen and paper? While you will be examined in a personal interview when writing the IELTS exam, you are at a computer and speaking into a microphone when writing the TOEFL exam.

Which language test you will pick at the end is also subject your desired nation and the university! IELTS is better known at English-speaking institutions in Europe. On the other hand, TOEFL has its origin in the United States and is known as the most common English-language proficiency test there.

A rigorous exam preparation is very important in this case! Most candidates don’t fail because of their English skills but instead more for the reasons of time pressure and the particular test structure. A successful exam preparation program overseas can assist you to take part in a language test without any problems!

Thanks to a language tour to Cambridge or a language tour to Boston added to an English exam preparation program, you can easily pass a language test!

Here you can assess both English language tests in a short overview:


  • Test duration: 2 hours 45 minutes
  • Price:  around € 215
  • Validity: 2 years
  • Recognized by: over 6,000 universities and institutions in more than 135 nations
  • Test dates: up to 36 times a year


  • Test duration: 4 hours
  • Price: around 208 € (240 dollars)
  • Validity: 2 years
  • Recognized by: over 8,000 universities and institutions in more than 135 nations
  • Test dates: up to 40 times a year

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