Chancellor Scholarship at Australian National University 2022

In 2022, ANU is looking to provide up to 200 scholarship awards referred to as the Chancellor Scholarship at Australian National University.  ANU aims to attract an assorted range of good value international students to register in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs provided by the University. The Chancellor scholarship award is obtainable only for candidates starting their education in Semester 1 2022. These scholarship awards are spread into 6 categories.

The Australian National University is a renowned university situated in the capital of Australia, Canberra. The university’s strategic plan echoes its priorities and the accountabilities for the country and the world. It concentrates more on research, education and distinction to ensure that their graduates are completely ready for the multifaceted modern challenges.

The Chancellor Scholarship at Australian National University is a chance for candidates from all over the world to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate degree program in Australia.

Degree Level:

Undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs

Number of Scholarships:

The university will be providing 200 Chancellor Scholarship at Australian National University in 2022.

Benefits of Chancellor Scholarship at Australian National University

There are various numbers of scholarship awards and rewarding fund, based on the region:

  • For undergraduate International candidates: $25,000
  • For postgraduate international candidates: $15,000
  • For South Asia Region candidates: $25,000
  • For South-East Asia region candidates: $25,000
  • For the Middle East and Africa Region candidates: $25,000
  • For candidates who finished international baccalaureate: $20,000
Category Number of Awards Scholarship Value
Undergraduate International candidates             25  up to $25,000
Postgraduate International candidates             75  up to $15,000
International candidates from South Asia Region             50   up to $25,000
International candidates from South-East Asia Region             30  up to $25,000
International candidates from Middle East and Africa Region              10  up to $25,000
International candidates who have finished International Baccalaureate (IB)             10  up to $20,000

Candidates will be evaluated in the above categories on the basis of their nationality.

Eligibility for Chancellor Scholarship at Australian National University

The Chancellor Scholarship at Australian National University is obtainable to a prospective ANU candidate who: 
(a)    Is a foreign student, either presently living inside or outside Australia;

(b)    has obtained an offer of admission for a degree program (Undergraduate or Postgraduate) to start in Semester 1 2021 (not including Graduate Certificates);

(c)    is self-funded for fee reasons and is a full-fee paying candidate (i.e. is not the beneficiary of a tuition fee funding by a government or organisation); 

(d)    (For region-specific scholarships) is a national of a country in the regions specified below: 
        i.    South Asia: Bhutan; Bangladesh; India; Maldives; Pakistan; Nepal; Sri Lanka. 
       ii.    South East Asia: Cambodia; Brunei; Laos; Indonesia; Myanmar; Malaysia; Singapore; Philippines; Timor-Leste; Thailand; Vietnam. 
      iii.    Middle East & Africa: Any nation of Africa; Iraq; Bahrain; Israel; Iran; Jordan; Lebanon; Kuwait; Palestine; Oman; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Qatar; Syria; Yemen; United Arab Emirates; Turkey. 

(e)    is required to have concluded their International Baccalaureate to be qualified for the specific IB scholarship awards category.

How to Apply for Chancellor Scholarship at Australian National University

There is no distinct application for the Chancellor Scholarship at Australian National University; if you fulfill the eligibility conditions you’ll be given automatic consideration for the scholarship awards.

You can apply for admission here.

Application Deadline:

Selection Criteria

Selection will be done on the basis of a candidate fulfilling the eligibility conditions and academic excellence. Qualifications tendered for admission at Australian National University will be adapted to the common scale which will decide a candidate’s position on the merit list. Eligible candidates with various qualifications will be ranked consistent with the qualification used as the basis of admission.

Grade Point Average (GPA) on a 7.0 scale will be made use of for eligible postgraduate candidates. ATAR equivalent will be made use of for qualified undergraduate candidates.


For additional information, check the Official Scholarship Website.

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