Entrance Scholarships at Cape Breton University in Canada 2021

Entrance Scholarships at Cape Breton University are available to candidates to cover the students’ tuition fee for the applied programme at the Institution. Their donors genuinely believe in the importance of education.

Through the efforts of patrons, $2.5 million in scholarship awards and bursaries are provided to candidates entering CBU every year. Students getting in direct from high school or via articulation agreement partners are given consideration for entrance scholarships on the basis of their academic grades.

At Cape Breton University, they push the borders of innovation and thought leadership to establish an international academic experience and create a sustainable future for the island. Bordered by pristine natural scenery, animated culture, and friendly communities, Cape Breton University (CBU) is home to almost 5,500 students from over 40 nations all over the world.

They are devoted to the future of Cape Breton Island, ground-breaking economic growth and sustainability programs, and Indigenous learning leadership. CBU provides a broad set of liberal arts, business, science, health and professional programs on the premier energy self-sufficient campus in North America.

Entrance Scholarships at Cape Breton University

(Domestic and International Students)

All new students who wish to be given consideration for Entrance Scholarships at Cape Breton University have to submit the following in addition to an admission application.

  • Official transcript
  • Financial need application for those seeking bursaries

High School Students

  • No failures in Grade 11 or 12 subjects
  • Average is based on all AC & AD Grade 11 subjects and all AC & AD concluded Grade 12 subjects after first semester
  • Average for foreign students getting in directly from high school will be decided by Cape Breton University
  • ESL conditional offers have to attend a CBU English language partner institution to have award honoured

Articulation Agreement Students

  • Articulation agreements (both domestic & foreign) qualify
  • Students are required to be currently registered in their program of transfer
  • ESL conditional offers have to attend a CBU English language partner school to have award honoured
  • Minimum 80% average as decided by CBU to be qualified with no failures

Major Entrance Scholarships at Cape Breton University

*A regulated number of the following awards will be granted*

Name Total Amount Yearly Amount
Chancellor’s $30,000 $7,500
President’s $20,000 $5,000
Deans’ $10,000 $2,500
Fitzgerald* $20,000 $5,000
Schwartz $14,000 $3,500
W.M. Reid $11,500 $4K & $2.5K
Orpha Thayer-Scott* $10,000 $2,500

Application Deadline: 15th October 2021

Eligible Countries: International

Type: Undergraduate or Postgraduate

Value of Award: $30,000

Number of Awards: Not Known

Eligibility for Entrance Scholarships at Cape Breton University

  • Candidates should have obtained an acceptance letter for the applied program from CBU.
  • Candidates should have scored a least score of 65% in their past academic engagements to be granted admission to CBU.
  • Candidates are expected to attain minimum scores in the following English language adeptness tests:

How to Apply for Entrance Scholarships at Cape Breton University

Candidates are requested to sign up for an account on the university portal and apply via the same. Candidates that will successfully submit their application prior to the closing date and meet the criteria for the opportunity will be given consideration.

Scholarship Pro-rating

Please note that all scholarships are pro-rated on the basis of the number of credits a student is registered in each semester.

E.g. 1 – President’s Scholarship = $5,000 each year. A candidate registered in 30 credits will receive $5,000, a student registered in 24 credits will obtain $4,000.

Candidates finishing courses during the Spring/Summer semester can ask to have scholarship dollars applied to their account.

E.g. Candidate takes 24 credits in the Fall/Winter term with the President’s Scholarships, they will obtain $4,000. The student keeps 80% average over the length of the calendar year and takes 6 credits in the Spring/Summer term, they will obtain the extra $1,000 at this time.

Cape Breton University makes all attempts to guarantee accuracy, currency and dependability of the information published on their scholarship, bursary and award website. If there is any inconsistency, the criterion that is held by the Awards Office is deemed accurate. Verification can be confirmed by getting in touch with [email protected].

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