DAAD Scholarships in Environmental Sciences in Germany 2021

The United Nations University welcomes applications for DAAD Scholarships in Environmental Sciences for the International joint MSc program in Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security commencing 2021.

The MSc in “Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security” is cooperatively provided by UNU-EHS and the Department of Geography at the University of Bonn as an international degree program with a research-focused profile.

The two-year program teaches candidates in an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary way on how to examine and manage different resources linked to environmental dangers by applying science-based principles and practices to disaster risk management.

The primary aim of the two-year Master of Science program is to offer postgraduate candidates with comprehensive knowledge, critical insight, strategies and the tools needed to take an interdisciplinary method towards environmental risks and human security. The MSc program tackles abstract and methodological debates in geography to further comprehend the complex development of environmental risks and natural hazards, their consequences for human-nature relations (resilience, vulnerability, adaptation) and how to tackle them in practice.

As a joint program provided by the Department of Geography at the University of Bonn and the UN University in Bonn, the program offers a unique combination of cutting-edge theoretical and applied involvements within the area of environmental risks and human security in a global context.

The Programme comprises of 12 modules, of which ten are delivered in the first three semesters followed by a mandatory internship and the autonomous work on the Master’s dissertation. An internship of a minimum of eight weeks is a mandatory part of the program.

Since its start in October 2013, a total of 166 candidates from 42 different nations have been learning within the program.

The Master’s program provides great visibility and exposure to global organizations, federal outfits, academic and non-academic research establishments, and also private firms and corporations engaged in disaster risk reduction and readiness, international relations, humanitarian aid, food security, research on climate change, spatial planning, and policy. Career prospects may be pursued in all of these fields based on individual interest and professional objectives.

Worth of DAAD Scholarships in Environmental Sciences

They will be able to provide a certain amount of fully-funded scholarship awards to candidates from “developing nations”.

Eligibility for DAAD Scholarships in Environmental Sciences

Eligible applicants for the DAAD Scholarships in Environmental Sciences have to fulfil the following conditions in addition to the general eligibility conditions for the Master’s program:

  • Being an applicant from a qualified Developing Nation (review the list on DAAD website);
  • Having a minimum of 2 years of work experience after the Bachelor’s and prior to putting in for Epos program (i.e. with an NGO, GO, or the private sector);
  • Having finished from their Bachelor less than 5 years ago;
  • Having studied no other Master program in a similar field of studies;
  • Looking to apply the post-Master expertise in a career as a practitioner (not in an academic field/PHD) further adding to development;
  • Being willing to completely commit to commence with the Joint Master Programme once admitted by Joint Master’s selection committee and for funding via Epos.

All candidates for the DAAD Scholarships in Environmental Sciences have to offer evidence of their English language adeptness, except for native speakers from nations specified hereafter: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

How to Apply for DAAD Scholarships in Environmental Sciences

  • Candidates looking to be considered for these scholarship awards have to apply for the program as well by submitting a distinct application pack (see APPLICATIONS section, requirement no.9); admission to the former does not imply acceptance to the latter.
  • Applicants that do not satisfy the EPOS requirements but wish to gain from financial support during their program are invited to apply independently and early to other obtainable funding programs in Germany.

Application Deadline

Applications for DAAD Scholarships in Environmental Sciences end on December 15, 2020. The selection procedure for the EPOS funding among shortlisted applicants will take place between February and April every year.

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